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  • 2 Barbara wore a sweet smile
    have (on one's face), present, show, display, exhibit, bear; give, put on, assume, form one's face into, make one's face into, compose one's face into, rearrange one's face into, ease one's face into, smooth one's face into, draw one's face into, twist one's face into, tug one's face into, pull one's face into, pinch one's face into, crease one's face into, crack one's face into, screw (up) one's face into
  • 4 the tyres are wearing well
    last, endure, hold up, survive, bear up, keep going, carry on, prove durable, stand/withstand/resist wear, stand up to wear, do
    informal hang in there


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  • 1 you won't get much wear out of something so cheap
    use, wearing, service, employment, utility, value
    informal mileage


wear something down

she protested, but he wore down her resistance gradually overcomeslowly reduce/diminish/lessendrainerodewear awayexhaustunderminechip away at

wear off

the novelty soon wore off fadedwindlediminishlessendecreasewaneebbsubsideweakenlose intensitylose strengthpeter outmelt awayfizzle outpalltaper offtail offgrow faintgrow dimevaporatedisappearvanishdiecome to nothingcome to a haltcome to an endrun outlose its effectiveness/effect

wear on

as the afternoon wore on he began to look unhappy passelapseproceedprogressadvancemove onrun its coursego by/past/onroll by/past/onmarch onglide by/pastslide by/pastslip by/away/pastfly by/paststeal by/pasttick by/past

wear out

a cheap bed will wear out faster than a quality one deterioratebecome wornshow signs of wearcome to the end of its lifebecome uselesswear thinfraybecome threadbarego into holesgo throughwear through

wear something out

he wore out six pairs of walking boots use upconsumego throughwear holes inmake threadbaremake worn

wear someone out

eventually her exertions wore her out fatiguetire outovertirewearyexhaustdrainsapwash outtaxovertaxenervatedebilitateenfeeblejadeincapacitatedevitalizeprostrate informalwhackbushshatterfrazzlewear to a frazzlepooptake it out offag outdo inBritish informalknacker

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