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Synonyms of wet in English:


  • 1 he draped his wet clothes in front of the stove their feet sank into the wet ground
    [Antonyms] dry
  • 2 it was cold and wet that day
    damp, humid, dank, misty
    [Antonyms] dry, fine
  • 3 the paint is still wet
    sticky, not set, not hardened, not hard, tacky;
    [Antonyms] dry, set, hard
  • 4 a wet mortar mix
    aqueous, watery, sloppy
    [Antonyms] dry
  • 5British informal they thought the cadets were a bit wet
    feeble, silly, weak, foolish, inept, ineffective, ineffectual, effete, soft, namby-pamby, timid, timorous, spiritless, cowardly, spineless
    informal sissy, sissified, pathetic, drippy, wimpish, wimpy, weedy, daft, chicken, yellow-bellied
    [Antonyms] strong, brave
  • verb

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  • wet the clothes before ironing them
    sprinkle, spray, splash;
    soak, saturate, waterlog, flood, deluge, douse, souse, drench;
    technical ret
    Scottish & Northern English  drouk
    archaic sop
    [Antonyms] dry
  • noun

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  • 1 I could feel the wet of his tears
  • 2 the race was held in the wet
    rain, rains, drizzle, wet/rainy/showery/damp weather, precipitation, spray, dew, damp
  • 3British informal come on, don't be such a wet
    British informal big girl's blouse, jessie
    North American informal candy-ass, cupcake, pantywaist, pussy
    Australian/New Zealand informal sook
    archaic poltroon
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