Synonyms of whip in English:



  • he would use a whip on anyone trespassing on his property
    lash, scourge, thong, strap, belt; crop, switch, birch, cane
    historical cat-o'-nine-tails, cat, knout
  • Phrases

    the whip hand

    life became a battle over who would gain the whip handthe upper handa commanding positionan/the edgean advantagea leada head startascendancysuperioritysupremacyswaycontrolpredominancepowermasterydominancecommand rareprepotenceprepotencyparamountcyprepollency


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  • 1 Lewis whipped the boy twenty times
    flog, scourge, flagellate, lash, birch, switch, tan, strap, belt, cane, thrash, beat, leather, tan/whip someone's hide, give someone a hiding, beat the living daylights out of
  • 2 whip the cream until it forms soft peaks
    whisk, beat, mix, stir
  • 3 the radio host whipped his listeners into a frenzy
    rouse, stir up, excite, galvanize, electrify, stimulate, inspire, move, fire up, fire the enthusiasm of, fire the imagination of, get someone going, inflame, agitate, goad, provoke; incite, egg on, spur on; North Americanlight a fire under
    rare inspirit
  • 4 informal Cleveland whipped Los Angeles 28–16 in the third game of last season See trounce (sense 1)
  • 5 informal he whipped round the corner See dash (sense 1) of the verb)
  • 6 informal he whipped out a revolver
    pull, whisk, snatch, pluck, tug, jerk, remove, take; produce
    informal yank
  • 7British informal they whipped the cones from a building site See steal (sense 1) of the verb)
  • Phrases

    whip something up

    we tried hard to whip up interest in the productsstimulaterousearousestir upwork upwakewakenawakenquickeninspirecall forthcall/bring into beingdraw forthbring outexciteevokewhetstirprovokespurfireinflametriggerpromptinduceencourageactuateactivatetouch offspark offset offset goingincitepromoteengendergenerate literaryenkindle

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