Synonyms of wipe in English:



  • 1 Beth wiped the kitchen table with a damp cloth
    rub, clean, mop, sponge, swab; dry, polish; Scottish & Northern Englishdight
  • 2 he wiped the marks off the window
    rub off, clean off, sponge off, polish off; remove, get rid of, dispose of, take off, erase, efface
  • 3 they wiped up the mess
    clean up, clear up, mop up, sponge up; remove, get rid of
  • 4 she wiped the unpleasant memory from her mind
    obliterate, expunge, erase, blot out, remove, remove all traces of, blank out
  • Phrases

    wipe someone/something out

    soldiers wiped out an entire village in Lampung provincedestroyannihilateeradicateeliminateextirpateslaughtermassacrekillkill offexterminatedemolishraze to the groundlevel informalwipe off the face of the earthwipe off the maptake outliquidatezapNorth American informalwaste literaryslay


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  • Bert gave the table a final wipe
    rub, clean, mop, sponge, swab, polish
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