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Line breaks: Ly¦cop|sida
Pronunciation: /lʌɪˈkɒpsɪdə


A class of pteridophyte plants that comprises the clubmosses and their extinct relatives.
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  • Asteroxylon could be seen as an intermediate in the evolution of true leaves in the Lycopsida.
  • For example each of the major taxa of vascular plants may be considered as either Classes (e.g. Lycopsida) or the next higher rank, a Division.
  • The clade Lycopsida, of which the living lycopsids are members, also diverged in the Early Devonian.


modern Latin (plural), from Greek lukos 'wolf' + opsis 'appearance'.



noun& adjective
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  • Herbaceous ‘ferns’ and lycopsids became rare to absent, although lycopsid trees remained.
  • However, unlike lycopsids, Pennsylvanian sphenopsids were not coal-swamp specialists.
  • Experiments suggest that arborescent lycopsid propagules had a rather limited dispersal range.

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