Definition of abound in English:


Line breaks: abound
Pronunciation: /əˈbaʊnd


[no object]
1Exist in large numbers or amounts: rumours of a further scandal abound
More example sentences
  • In some situations, the declines are so gentle that arguments abound as to whether a bear market really existed at all.
  • Realistic hope abounds but, in truth, it probably won't happen.
  • In Surbiton, around by the station, rubbish abounds.
be plentiful, be abundant, be numerous, proliferate, superabound, thrive, flourish, be thick on the ground
informal grow on trees
British informal be two/ten a penny
abundant, plentiful, superabundant, considerable, copious, ample, lavish, luxuriant, profuse, boundless, munificent, bountiful, prolific, inexhaustible, generous;
literary plenteous
1.1 (abound in/with) Have in large numbers or amounts: this area abounds with caravan sites
More example sentences
  • Africa, the origin of life, abounds with endless red deserts and intolerably hot storms.
  • Australian military history abounds with such examples of valour, from the battlefields of Europe to Africa, from the Mediterranean to the Pacific.
  • Jamaica abounds with tropical splendour and scenic vistas
be full of, overflow with, teem with, be packed with, be crowded with, be thronged with, be jammed with;
be alive with, be overrun with, swarm with, bristle with, be bristling with, be infested with, be thick with
informal be crawling with, be lousy with, be stuffed with, be jam-packed with, be chock-a-block with, be chock-full of


Middle English (in the sense 'overflow, be abundant'): from Old French abunder, from Latin abundare 'overflow', from ab- 'from' + undare 'surge' (from unda 'a wave').

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