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across Line breaks: across
Pronunciation: /əˈkrɒs/

Definition of across in English:

preposition& adverb

1From one side to the other of (a place, area, etc.): [as preposition]: I ran across the street travelling across Europe [as adverb]: he had swum across
More example sentences
  • To travel across to the other side of the world with a woman I love, to meet up with a man I love?
  • With easterly winds often travelling across the industrial areas of Europe, the visibility can be quite poor.
  • The boy shrugged and walked across it to the side with the handle.
to the other side of, from one side of … to the other, over, throughout the width/expanse of, covering, everywhere on, on all parts of
1.1 [as adverb] Used with an expression of measurement: mounds some 30 metres across
More example sentences
  • The arrays will hold four dishes measuring approximately seven feet across.
  • It measured 670 feet across and depicted a chain of crescents around a central circle.
  • They were standing inside a large circle, probably measuring about one hundred feet across.
2Expressing position or orientation: [as preposition]: they lived across the street from one another the bridge across the river [as adverb]: he looked across at me halfway across, Jenny jumped
More example sentences
  • The main attraction is the Storms River and the suspension bridge that stretches across its mouth.
  • He said the Flower Bridge should be built across a narrow stretch of water that was not so busy with river traffic.
  • I am not a celeb but as luck would have it, I have friends living across a wide geographical stretch.
on the other side of, over, beyond, past
3 [as adverb] Referring to a crossword answer which reads horizontally: 19 across
More example sentences
  • (1 across) The perfect source of digital interactive television.


across the board
1Applying to all: the cutbacks might be across the board
More example sentences
  • This applies right across the board, as people are keen to find out news from home or find out information on an area.
  • The problem here is coordination, and it's coordination across the board.
  • The side dishes and appetizers were okay, but uneven across the board.
2US (In horse racing) denoting a bet in which equal amounts are staked on the same horse to win, place, or show in a race.
Example sentences
  • The BBC, sensing a winner, cashed in all their espionage chips, and placed bets across the board.
across from
Opposite: she sat across from me
More example sentences
  • The outlet is based at Friary Road in Naas just across from the motor tax office.
  • The site is located down a laneway beside the canal across from the Hazel hotel.
  • Matt watches her from across the way, since her window is exactly across from his.
be (or get) across something
Fully understand all the details of an issue or situation: the legislation is mind-bogglingly complex and you really need to be across it
More example sentences
  • I was reading military journals in bed at night, just to get across the technical detail we needed to know.
  • If that's the case, then collectively they should be across all media details and at least one member should have spotted the footage for what it was.
  • We were fortunate to have a very thoughtful and perceptive Minister who was across the issues involved in the WorkCover Scheme reform.


Middle English (as an adverb meaning 'in the form of a cross'): from Old French a croix, en croix 'in or on a cross', later regarded as being from a-2 + cross.

  • Early use was as an adverb meaning ‘in the form of a cross’; the word comes from Old French a croix, en croix ‘in or on a cross’.

Words that rhyme with across

boss, Bros, cos, cross, crosse, doss, dross, emboss, en brosse, floss, fosse, gloss, Goss, joss, Kos, lacrosse, loss, moss, MS-DOS, Ross
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