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Line breaks: an¦gu|lar
Pronunciation: /ˈaŋgjʊlə


  • 1Having angles or sharp corners: angular chairs Adam’s angular black handwriting
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    • The odd and heavy feel of the wad of notes that his uncle had given to him was gone, but now in the money's place was a small box, soft and velvety to the touch, yet sharp and angular at the corners.
    • Peck used locally quarried andesite, a brittle stone that fractures into sharp, angular shapes and has a sparkly surface.
    • One shape should be sharp, angular and synthetic, while the other is soft, rounded and biomorphic.
    sharp-cornered, pointed, V-shaped, Y-shaped; forked, bifurcate
  • 1.1(Of a person or part of their body) lean and having a prominent bone structure: her angular face
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    • Their green faces were pinched and angular, with massive black eyes and tiny sharp teeth.
    • Janssen, though beautiful, has no soft edges - her face is angular, her nose sharp, her amazing figure more sculpted than curved.
    • A young man, his angular features sharp as if whittled by a knife, led the self-criticism.
    bony, raw-boned, skin-and-bones; lean, rangy, spare, thin, lanky, spindly, skinny, gaunt, scrawny, scraggy
    informal looking like a bag of bones, anorexic, anorectic
    dated spindle-shanked
    rare gracile, macilent
  • 2 Physics Denoting physical properties or quantities measured with reference to or by means of an angle, especially those associated with rotation: angular acceleration
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    • This ion has a single electron in its outer shell and its first excited energy level is split into a doublet as a result of interactions between the orbital and spin angular momenta of the electron.
    • The gyroscopes sense angular motion by measuring the Coriolis effect induced by rotation, using a vibrating MEMS structure.
    • Typically the driver turns the runners less than 5° to produce a lateral force on the front runners and an angular acceleration.
  • 3 Astrology Relating to or denoting any of the houses that begin at the four cardinal points of a chart.
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    • Many planets of one person's chart fall into the angular houses of the other's natal chart.
    • With his angular Mars, 8th house Moon and Scorpio Sun, George S. Patton was born to take no prisoners.
    • Those planets that are highlighted by having many aspects, hard aspects, in angular houses or outer planet conjunctions are good indicators of conflict.



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  • At times, the dancers appear to be flying or diving; at others, they move with the spasmodic angularity attributed to robots, their faces expressionless masks.
  • This face looks best in finer frames that don't draw attention to any heaviness or angularity.
  • The rhythmic angularity of the recontextualized rift imparts a temporary sense of disorientation that subverts the song's forward momentum.


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  • But Mrs Rocatti better arrive soon, before Dundee's angularly athletic goalkeeper earns himself a move elsewhere.
  • Irradiation of aminolevulinic acid/protoporphyrin IX-sensitized cells with 10 J cm - 2 of 514 nm light led to pronounced changes in angularly resolved light scattering consistent with mitochondrial swelling.
  • Hence, tests were one-tailed. t-Tests were performed on angularly transformed O allele frequencies with each population mean taken as a datum (n = 3 populations/selection regime).


late Middle English (as an astrological term): from Latin angularis, from angulus (see angle1).

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