Definition of application in English:

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Pronunciation: /aplɪˈkeɪʃ(ə)n/


1A formal request to be considered for a position or to be allowed to do or have something, submitted to an authority, institution, or organization: an application for leave [mass noun]: licences are available on application [as modifier]: an application form
More example sentences
  • The following month he made a formal application for asylum, giving an address in east London.
  • Police said authorities had rejected his application for asylum.
  • I can also confirm that we will be moving forward swiftly with our application for authority to award our own degrees.
request, appeal, petition, entreaty, plea, solicitation, supplication, requisition, suit, approach, enquiry, claim, demand
2 [mass noun] The action of putting something into operation: the application of general rules to particular cases [count noun]: massage has far-reaching medical applications
More example sentences
  • I think most would agree that she was extremely shy to pronounce general rules of application.
  • Whilst the court does not set such it does undertake the operation, interpretation and application of those laws and procedures.
  • These systems differ in the configuration and application of electronic map operating and graphic imaging functions.
implementation, use, exercise, employment, administration, utilization, practice, applying, discharge, exertion, execution, prosecution, enactment, carrying out, accomplishment, putting into operation/practice
formal praxis
2.1Practical use or relevance: this principle has no application to the present case
More example sentences
  • The list of products in which seaweeds are used reveals their relevance and application in modern day life.
  • The further removed from usefulness or practical application, the more important.
  • Please remember that written/newspaper style has little relevance or application in the broadcast business.
relevance, relevancy, bearing, significance, pertinence, aptness, appositeness, germaneness, importance
3 [mass noun] The action of applying something to a surface: paints suitable for application on fabric [count noun]: a fresh application of make-up
More example sentences
  • An effort should be made to apply pesticides into these areas as opposed to application onto exposed surfaces.
  • Cracks appearing on the surface are smoothed with strips of cloth, and fresh application of clay.
  • The proposed label language also applies to overhead chemigation application of pesticides.
putting on, rubbing in, spreading, smearing
3.1A medicinal substance applied to the skin: an application to relieve muscle pain
More example sentences
  • One application protects the skin for six hours, and does not need to be reapplied after swimming.
  • Keep the application on the skin for the time recommended in the instructions and remove.
  • Keep the application on the skin for the time recommended in the instructions and then wait for twenty four hours.
ointment, lotion, cream, rub, salve, emollient, preparation, liniment, embrocation, balm, poultice, unguent
4 [mass noun] Sustained effort; hard work: the job takes a great deal of patience and application
More example sentences
  • It shows you just what can be done with hard work, application and being shrewd with your signings.
  • You have the very good fortune of knowing that you really truly did all that was possible to win and there is no need for any self discrimination caused by lack of effort or application on your part.
  • Males need to stop moaning about being disadvantaged by the system, there is nothing stopping us except our own lack of application and effort.
diligence, industriousness, industry, assiduity, commitment, dedication, devotion, conscientiousness, perseverance, persistence, tenacity, doggedness, sedulousness;
concentration, intentness, attention, attentiveness, steadiness, patience, endurance;
effort, hard work, labour, striving, endeavour
5 (also application program) Computing A program or piece of software designed to fulfil a particular purpose: a database application
More example sentences
  • Thus, a user is not required to interact with the textual source code of an application program when debugging it.
  • When the application is executed, a shared memory segment is created for an instrumentation program and the application program.
  • The remote computer runs the application program, typically in a stand-alone capacity, and accesses a system manager building block via a second communications link.
program, software, routine, use



Example sentences
  • The applicational thoughts are not vague, simplistic, or haphazard; they address contemporary readers with profound insights drawn from his exacting study of the probable historical milieu of this gospel.
  • Although the interpretive and applicational weaknesses of the piece are quite troubling, it is the author's suggestions for implementation that are the greatest cause for concern.
  • These headings are primarily applicational in nature, expressing principles from the passage in terms which speak to modern Christians rather than merely describing an ancient situation.


Middle English: via Old French from Latin applicatio(n-), from the verb applicare (see apply).

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