Definition of armour in English:

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Pronunciation: /ˈɑːmə/
(US armor)


[mass noun]
1The metal coverings formerly worn to protect the body in battle: knights in armour a suit of armour
More example sentences
  • He was dressed like a centurion, with titanium armor protecting his every body part.
  • For example, during the Middle Ages in Europe, knights dressed in suits of armor and rode into battle on powerful horses.
  • In it, I saw myself dressed in chain mail armor, riding into battle.
2 (also armour plate) The tough metal layer covering a military vehicle or ship to defend it from attack.
Example sentences
  • Use of these copper-free alloys has increased in recent years and now includes automotive applications, structural members and armor plate for military vehicles, and components of other transportation equipment.
  • The plane was lightened a bit by removal of armor plate and some military systems but the airframe was essentially stock.
  • The plant is the largest producer of armor plate for the U.S. military.
2.1Military vehicles collectively: infantry, armour, and logistic units
More example sentences
  • Syrian's armored forces moved on the Golan Plateau to be met by Israeli armor and mechanized infantry brigades.
  • This excludes women from employment in armour, artillery, infantry and combat engineer units/positions.
  • An armor or infantry task force traditionally performs these roles with engineers attached as the reduction element.
3The protective layer or shell of some animals and plants.
Example sentences
  • The oddly jointed pectoral fin armor is a memorable feature of the placoderms, especially Antiarchs.
  • The dorsal armor may be a single plate, or may be comprised of as many as nine smaller plates.
  • Such hairs serve as a protective armor for plants because they secrete polyol ester chemicals that are deadly to certain insect pests.
4A person’s emotional, social, or other defences: his armour of self-confidence
More example sentences
  • Everyone enters adulthood with a whole lot of emotional armour and they erect walls about them - suspicious and very guarded.
  • And all my armour and resources and defences have stripped away, leaving me soft and vulnerable, and gently bleeding.
  • Beneath the social armour of her Galliano jacket, Gucci trousers and Manolos, her beauty is as fragile as porcelain.


[with object]
Provide (someone) with emotional, social, or other defences: the knowledge armoured him against her
More example sentences
  • I survived only by mentally armoring myself by humming tunes and sketches from the Muppets to myself.
  • We'd barely unpacked the tree when a call came through and before I could blink, they were all armouring themselves up and heading out the door.
  • We learn the art and power of no protection - a spiritual power, not an conquest won through armoring ourselves against pain, or against an enemy.



Pronunciation: /ˌɑːməˈpleɪtɪd/
Example sentences
  • Along the same highway later on Tuesday, police found five more bodies in a Lincoln Navigator truck which had apparently been armor-plated or bulletproofed, and two more bodies just a few yards further down the highway.
  • Despite an unprecedented policing operation the US president is reportedly bringing in excess of 100 secret service agents to protect him, as well as his very own armour-plated Cadillac DeVille.
  • Heemeyer, who lost two bitter disputes with town officials, smashed the armour-plated bulldozer into the town hall, a former mayor's home and at least five other buildings before the machine ground to a halt in the wreckage of a warehouse.


Middle English: from Old French armure, from Latin armatura, from armare 'to arm' (see arm2).

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