Definition of aromatic in English:

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Pronunciation: /arəˈmatɪk/


1Having a pleasant and distinctive smell: a massage with aromatic oils
More example sentences
  • Tobacco is a sweet smelling product of the aromatic leaves of the Nicotina plant, but contains carcinogenic and highly addictive substances like nicotine, tar and benzene.
  • The former has aromatic leaves, which smell of balsam or pine, and pale pink flowers’.
  • ‘It has a pungent yet aromatic smell to it,’ said Jonas.
piquant, spicy, savoury, pungent
literary redolent
rare aromatized, balmy
2 Chemistry Relating to or denoting organic compounds containing a planar unsaturated ring of atoms which is stabilized by an interaction of the bonds forming the ring, e.g. benzene and its derivatives. Compare with alicyclic.
Example sentences
  • Its molecular structure of alternating aromatic rings and amide groups crosslinked by hydrogen bonding makes it incredibly strong.
  • The raw materials for today's dyes are mainly aromatic hydrocarbons: benzene, toluene, naphthalene, anthracene, pyrene, and others.
  • The aromatic aldehydes have a benzene or phenyl ring connected to the aldehyde group.


1A substance or plant emitting a pleasant and distinctive smell.
Example sentences
  • For skate in black butter, you begin by poaching the wings in salted, lightly vinegared water with herbs (dill, fennel) and aromatics (bay, onion) for ten minutes until it becomes opaque, then drain it.
  • In the French kitchen, favoured aromatics are garlic, rosemary, and juniper berries; some regional dishes combine pork with apples or prunes.
  • Some recipes call for an actual agrodolce sauce, made by reducing wine vinegar and sugar and a few aromatics such a bay leaves, garlic, onion and herbs.
2 Chemistry An aromatic compound.
Example sentences
  • Dyson and Welton used water and ionic liquid soluble organometallic clusters and complexes to catalyse hydrogenation of the aromatics.
  • Unlike hydrocarbon based aromatics, which react most readily with electrophiles, perfluoro-aromatics and heterocyclic ring systems react better with nucleophiles.
  • The female urine markers consist of more than 100 compounds, a much more complex mixture than the male glandular scents, which are mainly fatty acids and aromatics.



Example sentences
  • I think the stones on her bracelet are called ‘hermatite'. I bought some extremely over-priced musk incense sticks and one of them is burning, aromatically, right now.
  • And of course there's the chocolate, wafting aromatically down every side street, chronicled in the city's chocolate museum, moulded into all manner of improbable and suggestive shapes in mouth-watering window displays.
  • A rich brown broth, aromatically seasoned, was well-peppered with chunks of at least three kinds of fish, one of which was salmon.


Pronunciation: /arəməˈtɪsɪti/
noun ( Chemistry )
Example sentences
  • In particular, we have found classes that are more clearly defined by the electric charge (D, E), or by the aromaticity (F, Y).
  • I'm thinking of concepts such as the chemical bond, a functional group and the logic of substitution, aromaticity, steric effects, acidity and basicity, electronegativity and oxidation-reduction.
  • The low aromaticity of bayou HMW-DOC may reflect the influence of low-oxygen conditions, which inhibit the decomposition of particulate aromatic macromolecules such as lignin and humic material to HMW-DOC.


Late Middle English: via Old French from late Latin aromaticus, from Greek arōmatikos, from arōma (see aroma).

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