Definition of aspect in English:

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Pronunciation: /ˈaspɛkt/


1A particular part or feature of something: personal effectiveness in all aspects of life the financial aspect can be overstressed
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  • As a result, families are now bearing the main responsible for their children's education, particularly with regard to the financial aspects.
  • In addition to the key production and marketing issues, environmental and food safety aspects will also be featured prominently.
  • This column is packed full of information and features about all aspects of careers, employment, recruitment and qualifications.
feature, facet, side, characteristic, particular, detail, point, ingredient, strand;
angle, slant, sense, respect, regard
1.1A particular way in which something may be considered: from every aspect theirs was a changing world
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  • I am not a doctor but I think he made several great points regarding the medical aspect of the issue.
  • Each week a speaker will present the various aspects of an election issue and participate in a discussion with the students in attendance.
  • We will deal with the first of those questions in Chapter 17, and will then consider both aspects of enforceability in Chapter 18.
1.2A particular appearance or quality: the air of desertion lent the place a sinister aspect [mass noun]: a man of decidedly foreign aspect
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  • Appearances apart, there is difference in quality aspects like lustre.
  • So there's a striking contrast between the grim aspect of the kitchens and vaults at ground floor level, and the movement of space and light at first-floor level and above.
  • A huge glass roof gives an interesting aspect to the bar area.
appearance, look, air, bearing, cast, manner, mien, demeanour, deportment, expression, countenance, features, semblance, guise, impression, effect;
2 [usually in singular] The positioning of a building or other structure in a particular direction: a greenhouse with a southern aspect
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  • Slope aspect or direction of exposure may also influence surface runoff.
  • Planted with a southern aspect to take advantage of the low arc of the winter sun, it has trees, shrubs, herbaceous plants and dwarf bulbs.
  • This is a viewpoint sandwich stop with a southerly aspect.
outlook, view, exposure, direction, situation, position, location
2.1The side of a building facing a particular direction: the front aspect of the hotel was unremarkable
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  • To the right, the dual aspect living/dining room runs the length of the property, is decorated in neutral tones and includes a marble fireplace.
  • The dual aspect dining room is wallpapered in rich green and has views to both the front and rear.
  • To the right, the dual aspect living room overlooks the front garden through a bay window and has a picture window to the back.
3 [mass noun] Grammar A category or form which expresses the way in which time is denoted by a verb: the semantics of tense and aspect [count noun]: four verbal aspects
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  • The tense, aspect, or voice of verbs in academic writing often seems to be related to degrees of generality or relevance or to signal discourse functions like transition or foregrounding.
  • It has something that is similar, but it is really a distinction between imperfective and perfective aspect.
  • It clarifies how developing inflections, particularly tense markers, align with aspect categories and how this association varies across proficiency level.

There are three aspects in English, the progressive or continuous aspect (expressing duration, typically using the auxiliary verb be with a form in -ing, as in I was reading a book), the perfect or perfective (expressing completed action, typically using the auxiliary verb have with a past participle, as in I have read the book), and unmarked aspect (as in he reads books).

4 Astrology Any of a number of particular angular relationships between one celestial body or point on the ecliptic and another: the sun in Aries formed an adverse aspect with Uranus in Capricorn
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  • The positive aspects of trine and sextile are the areas where tension's resolution is found.
  • The harmonious aspects bring an easy relationship between the planets involved.
  • Also, your progressed moon at 11 Taurus is making a trine aspect to your natal Uranus in Virgo.


[with object] Astrology
(Of a planet) form an aspect with (another celestial body): the sun is superbly aspected by your ruler Mars on the 19th
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  • Since the Part of Fortune is a zodiacal point, it can be said to be aspected by planets, but it does not make aspects itself.
  • However, the Part of Fortune is aspected by a sinister trine from Saturn, ruler of the 2nd, which is good.
  • The lights are well aspected and in trine to each other.



Pronunciation: /aˈspɛktʃʊəl/
Example sentences
  • It could well be that the aspectual markers introduce events.
  • Reception is one of the most powerful considerations in traditional astrology - its presence in an aspectual contact is capable of completely overturning the otherwise expected meaning.
  • It seems that both constructions are compatible with the different aspectual meanings, but to different degrees.


Late Middle English (denoting the action or a way of looking): from Latin aspectus, from aspicere 'look at', from ad- 'to, at' + specere 'to look'.

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