There are 3 main definitions of b in English:


Line breaks: b
Pronunciation: /biː


1 Physics Barn(s).
1.1 (b.) Born (used to indicate a date of birth): George Lloyd (b.1913)
1.2 Cricket (On scorecards) bowled by: AC Hudson b Prasad 146
1.3 Cricket (On scorecards) bye(s): extras (b 6, lb 24, nb 9) 39

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There are 3 main definitions of b in English:


Line breaks: B
Pronunciation: /biː
(also b)

noun (plural Bs or B's)

1The second letter of the alphabet.
1.1Denoting the second in a set of items, categories, sizes, etc.
1.2The second highest class of academic mark: my grade on that first paper was a B
1.3(In the UK) denoting a secondary road: the B4248 B-roads
1.5 (b) Chess Denoting the second file from the left, as viewed from White’s side of the board.
1.6 (usually b) The second fixed constant to appear in an algebraic equation.
1.7 Geology Denoting a soil horizon of intermediate depth, typically the subsoil.
1.8The human blood type (in the ABO system) containing the B antigen and lacking the A.
1.9(With numeral) denoting a series of international standard paper sizes each twice the area of the next, as B0, B1, B2, B3, B4, etc., B4 being 250 × 353 mm.
2 (usually B) Music The seventh note of the diatonic scale of C major.
2.1A key based on a scale with B as its keynote.


plan B

An alternative strategy: it’s time I put plan B into action
More example sentences
  • Highly agitated by the display before her Felicia fled to the house and began to strategize her plan B for winning back her former husband.
  • So now you're falling back on plan B - demanding that I turn him over so you can bring him to Dominic.
  • And our job is to work with them and help them come up with a plan A, a plan B, to define goals and to attain those goals.

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