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Pronunciation: /bləː

verb (blurs, blurring, blurred)

Make or become unclear or less distinct: [with object]: tears blurred her vision his novels blur the boundaries between criticism and fiction [no object]: in front of him the page blurred
More example sentences
  • I took one look at them and ran back up to my room with tears blurring my vision.
  • She looked at the letter but could not read it for the tears blurring her vision.
  • The grey seafog sweeps in, blurring the boundary between sea and land, disorientating anyone held in its spell.
make indistinct, make vague, unfocus, soften;
obscure, dim, fade, make hazy, fog, cloud (over)
literary bedim, befog, becloud
archaic blear
make vague, make unclear, make less distinct;
become dim, become less sharp, dull, numb, deaden, lessen, decrease, diminish, reduce, mute, tone down
archaic blear


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1A thing that cannot be seen or heard clearly: the pale blur of her face the words were a blur
More example sentences
  • The world around her remained a blur even as she heard his fading paw steps.
  • He heard the blur say his name but wasn't paying any attention to the feminine voice.
  • Passing people just saw a blur and heard the sound of his jacket whipping the air behind him.
indistinct shape, hazy shape, vague shape, something indistinct/hazy/vague, haze, cloud, mist, smear, smudge;
1.1Something remembered or perceived indistinctly, typically because it happened very fast: the day before was a blur
More example sentences
  • There's nothing substantive to latch onto - all I remember is a blur of lights, noise and sweaty torsos.
  • God, I wish I THOUGHT about what was going on then… who knows, I can only remember blurs… and Shane comes in.
  • The rest of the evening throughout the night was a fast blur as the maids scurried and everyone got ready to leave.


mid 16th century (in the sense 'smear that partially obscures something'): perhaps related to blear.



adjective (blurrier, blurriest)
More example sentences
  • The photos must be blurry and indistinct, but you must treat them as art.
  • Given his local knowledge, the terrain he presents is blurry and indistinct.
  • The constantly shifting energy distorted her appearance and made her seem fuzzy and blurry at the edges.

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