Definition of boor in English:

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Pronunciation: /bɔː/
Pronunciation: /bʊə/


A rough and bad-mannered person.
Example sentences
  • They see the boor in each of them and they laugh at it.
  • I daresay you will roast me as a sexist boor, but there, I've said it.
  • His sister is married to a boor whom he has always loathed and suspects she has come to loathe also.
lout, oaf, ruffian, hooligan, thug, rowdy, bully boy, brawler, rough, churl, lubber, philistine, vulgarian, yahoo, barbarian, Neanderthal, primitive, savage, brute, beast, monster;
Irish  bosthoon
informal clodhopper, clod, tough, toughie, roughneck, peasant, pig, bruiser, hard man
British informal yobbo, yob, chav, lager lout, oik, lump, ape, gorilla
North American informal lummox
Australian/New Zealand informal hoon


Mid 16th century (in the sense 'peasant'): from Low German būr or Dutch boer 'farmer'.

  • Before the Norman Conquest a gebūr was a peasant or tenant farmer, and is the source of boor, ‘a rough and bad-mannered person’. The Normans swept away the Anglo-Saxon social structure, and with it the word, until in the mid 16th century English readopted it from related Dutch and German words meaning a peasant or rustic. Much later, in the 19th century, the Dutch word boer gave rise to the Boer farmer of southern Africa. The second part of the word is also found in neighbour—literally a ‘nigh or near boor’ and in use in Old English.

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