Definition of bright in English:

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Pronunciation: /brʌɪt/


1Giving out or reflecting much light; shining: the sun was dazzlingly bright her bright, dark eyes
More example sentences
  • The cannon twitched, and an intense bright light shone from within the barrel.
  • His dark eyes were reflecting the bright flashing lights of the carnival, and he looked like the most adorable puppy.
  • Her dark eyes were bright with reflected light, and her cheeks were rosy.
shining, light, brilliant, vivid, blazing, dazzling, beaming, intense, glaring;
sparkling, flashing, glittering, scintillating, gleaming, glowing, aglow, twinkling, flickering, glistening, shimmering;
illuminated, lit, lighted, ablaze, luminous, luminescent, radiant, incandescent, phosphorescent, fluorescent;
shiny, lustrous, glossy, sheeny, polished, varnished
literary irradiant, lucent, effulgent, refulgent, fulgent, lucid, glistering, coruscating, lambent, fulgurant, fulgurating, fulgurous
1.1Full of light: the rooms are bright and spacious
More example sentences
  • For the first time, she looked innocent, her bright eyes full of light.
  • It was bright, full of pretty things, and I was her new prize.
  • This house is bright, comfortable and full of character.
1.2(Of a period of time) having sunny, cloudless weather: the long, bright days of June
More example sentences
  • The day was bright, and surprisingly sunny for the time of year.
  • It was a sunny, bright day without a cloud in the azure sky.
  • There wasn't a cloud in the sky and the day was bright and sunny.
sunny, sunshiny, cloudless, unclouded, clear, fair, fine
1.3(Of colour) vivid and bold: the bright green leaves
More example sentences
  • They are like cartoons, with their bold lines, bright colours and flat shapes.
  • Her hair was weird, though - bright purple and green with blonde streaks.
  • Their psychedelic element is heightened by bright, bright colour, like turquoise greens and those hot pinks.
vivid, brilliant, intense, striking, strong, eye-catching, glowing, bold, rich, flamboyant;
gaudy, lurid, garish
1.4Having a vivid colour: a bright tie
More example sentences
  • With tailored suits and ties as bright as a skyrocket, he's dapper.
  • I must have spotted at least four of five types of palms, not to mention bright flowers and a variety of crotons.
  • The Saloon's doors open onto a terrace and wide lawn bordered by bright flowers.
colourful, bright-coloured, deep-coloured, vivid, brilliant, rich, vibrant
dated gay
2Intelligent and quick-witted: she was amiable, but not very bright a bright idea
More example sentences
  • Intellectually quick-witted and bright, with an abrasive edge, Reid did well in school.
  • He's very bright and intelligent and he's, honestly, probably the most wonderful person to look up to.
  • The problem he had, he was extremely intelligent, very bright, but he had a face that was just past puberty.
clever, intelligent, sharp, quick-witted, quick, smart, canny, astute, intuitive, acute, alert, keen, perceptive, ingenious, inventive, resourceful, proficient, accomplished, gifted, brilliant
informal brainy, genius
North American informal whip-smart
3Cheerful and lively: at breakfast she would be persistently bright and chirpy she gave a bright smile
More example sentences
  • As Thomas walked, passersby greeted him with a bright smile and a cheerful, ‘Merry Christmas!’
  • But she had a bright smile, cheerful face, and an eye for color, so she was excellent at helping out her customers.
  • A tall brunette stood behind the front counter in the lobby, giving us a bright, cheerful smile.
happy, genial, cheerful, cheery, jolly, joyful, glad, merry, sunny, light-hearted, blithe, beaming;
vivacious, animated, lively, spirited, high-spirited, exuberant, ebullient, buoyant, effervescent, bubbly, bouncy, perky, chirpy, chipper, zippy, peppy, fresh, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, bright and breezy, full of beans
dated gay
3.1(Of someone’s future) likely to be successful and happy: these young people have a bright future ahead of them
More example sentences
  • I know I'm going to college and that I have a bright future ahead of me - I can already see the light.
  • The view of the future was bright, and that prospect made me smile.
  • Nowadays, after a glossy makeover, it is a symbol of a thriving European city, facing a bright, optimistic future.
promising, rosy, full of promise, optimistic, hopeful, favourable, propitious, auspicious, providential, encouraging, lucky, fortunate, good, excellent, golden
4(Of sound) clear, vibrant, and typically high-pitched: her voice is fresh and bright
More example sentences
  • The sound is indeed bright and clear most of the time.
  • Stephen woke up to sounds of bright laughter in the kitchen.
  • The running order of the songs was what I was used to and the bright sound of everything.
clear, vibrant, pellucid;
high-pitched, high


chiefly literary
Brightly: a full moon shining bright
More example sentences
  • Some shine bright, but never seem to hang around for long.
  • It was unnerving how bright they shone and so I tried to look away.
  • The sun is shining bright in the sky and nobody else is around.
brightly, brilliantly, vividly, intensely


1Bold and vivid colours: a choice of colours from pastels through to brights
More example sentences
  • It works efficiently as a basic color and can be worn with pastels or brights as accents.
  • Summer brights include red, various shades of pink, sunshine yellows and lots of pastel shades and candy colours.
  • The brights were light yellow, almost golden colored.
2North American Headlights switched to full beam: he turned the brights on and we drove along the dirt road
More example sentences
  • Getting out of the car, I flipped the brights lever, illuminating the Don.
  • Finally, it got too dark to see as even my brights wouldn't show enough of the road to continue on safely.
  • Jack finally looked in his rearview mirror, and the woman began flashing her brights at him.



bright and early

Very early in the morning: if you are up bright and early we will be able to set off in good time
More example sentences
  • Morning came bright and early for the two lovers, a little too early for most normal human beings.
  • Now, the actor kicked off his campaign bright and early in the morning by hitting the talk shows.
  • Our coverage will be bright and early tomorrow morning here in the United States.

(as) bright as a button

British informal Intelligently alert and lively: some of them are frail physically but are as bright as a button in their minds
More example sentences
  • Gary's bright as a button; he's seven.
  • Cole was bright as a button down the left and Babbel in the other direction made things interesting.
  • He was as bright as a button, full of humour and with a large dash of devilment thrown in!

bright lights

The glamour and excitement of city life: they hankered for the bright lights of the capital
More example sentences
  • Lured by the bright lights of the big city, rural children are ditching a farming lifestyle.
  • You know, when I was a kid in Fort Worth I just wanted the bright lights and glamour.
  • The attraction of the bright lights of the cities can detract from the demands of study.

look on the bright side

Be optimistic or cheerful in spite of difficulties: ‘I expect I shall manage,’ she said, determined to look on the bright side
More example sentences
  • He was always the one who looked on the bright side, the optimistic one.
  • With so many good things happening, it is so difficult not to look on the bright side, isn't it?
  • At first, anti-dam activists looked on the bright side.



Example sentences
  • The bright blue star on the left and another brightish blue star in the lower left corner form the horns.
  • This eclipse is unusual because the Moon itself eclipses, or occults, a brightish star during totality!
  • The brightish star just east of Saturn is Regulus, Alpha Leonis, i.e. the brightest star in Leo.


Old English beorht, of Germanic origin.

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