There are 2 main definitions of bud in English:

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bud 1

Line breaks: bud


1A compact knob-like growth on a plant which develops into a leaf, flower, or shoot.
Example sentences
  • Flower meristem, flower buds, and leaves from green and 2 d-etiolated plants were analysed for ATP and ADP contents.
  • In addition, they have four or five scaly leaves with lateral buds on their epicotyl.
  • The new winter flowering pansies seemed to be raring to go when we planted them on Sunday and are already showing signs of leaf growth and new flower buds.
sprout, shoot, flowerlet, floret
technical plumule
rare burgeon
1.1 Biology An outgrowth from an organism, e.g. a yeast cell, that separates to form a new individual without sexual reproduction taking place.
Example sentences
  • At this point, 60% of the cells had large buds that continued to elongate with prolonged incubation.
  • Careful examination of serial sections failed to ascertain the presence of true meristematic cells in these atrophied buds.
  • Moreover, in flocculent strains such as 1278b it is difficult to distinguish between two adherent cells and a cell with a large bud.
1.2 [with modifier] Zoology A rudimentary leg or other appendage of an animal which has not yet grown, or never will grow, to full size: in certain limbless lizards and snakes a limb bud develops
More example sentences
  • Around the 8th week after conception, oval-shaped tooth buds consisting of cells form in the embryo.
  • At this time the limb bud can undergo as much as a three-fold increase in size.
  • At the time of tooth bud formation, each tooth begins a continuous movement outward in relation to the bone.
2 [mass noun] informal, chiefly US Cannabis: I found him outside, smoking some bud
More example sentences
  • We do cocaine and smoke fine Canadian buds, not the homebrew crank and cheap Mexican headache reefer you guys are stuck with.
  • I eventually and begrudgingly passed it on, but only once the burning bud had been smoked to ash.
  • Very relaxing and ultra potent, the smoke from this legal bud is sure to impress ANY herbal toker.

verb (buds, budding, budded)

[no object] Biology Back to top  
1(Of a plant or animal) form a bud: new blood vessels bud out from the vascular bed
More example sentences
  • A dancer's career is in any case as brief as that of a spring flower - it buds, it blooms, it fades, leaving behind just the fleet fragrance of memories.
  • Mitochondria are dynamic structures, constantly changing shape, budding and fusing.
  • Inland, willows are budding and azaleas are blooming.
sprout, shoot, form/develop buds, send out shoots, germinate, burgeon, swell, vegetate, mature
technical pullulate
1.1 [with object] Graft a bud of (a plant) on to another plant.
Example sentences
  • Most roses are budded onto a hardy rootstock, so there will be a ‘neck’ that's about 4 inches long just above the roots.
  • The most vulnerable point on most rose plants is the bud union - the point at which the rose variety was budded onto a rootstock.
  • Most plants that were imported from France and Israel, were budded onto Rosa indica major (referred to as ‘Indica’) selections.


in bud
(Of a plant) having newly formed buds: pale pink flowers which are of deeper colour in bud
More example sentences
  • During a field visit the following spring, approximately 100 plants were observed, mostly in bud, on a seasonally moist, sandy substrate with vegetation mowed on a regular basis.
  • You can buy the bulbs and pot them up or plants will be available in bud.
  • Oil is strongest when the plant is in bud but before flowers open.


Late Middle English: of unknown origin.

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There are 2 main definitions of bud in English:

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bud 2 Line breaks: bud


North American informal
A friendly form of address from one boy or man to another: I’ll tell you what, bud
More example sentences
  • Well, I'll tell ya, bud, until you find yourself a prince who will take you away from all this, it's not about you.
  • He dragged his bags past us, and giving a distasteful look at me said, ‘Want some advice, bud?’
  • That's a very interesting theory there, bud.


Mid 19th century: abbreviation of buddy.

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