Definition of bury in English:

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Pronunciation: /ˈbɛri/

verb (buries, burying, buried)

1 [with object] Put or hide underground: he buried the box in the back garden (as adjective buried) buried treasure
More example sentences
  • Mr. Flanagan said that in a perfect world there would be no landfills, and waste would be buried five miles underground.
  • The asbestos has to then be put into large, approved bags before being taken away to a landfill tip to be buried underground by the contractors.
  • Power cables are to be buried underground, at a cost of #200,000.
1.1Place (a dead body) in the earth or in a tomb, usually with funeral rites: he was buried in St John’s churchyard
More example sentences
  • That, too, is part of burying our dead and moving on.
  • When I see the faces of families burying their dead, victims of rampant crime, I can only wonder how they must feel to lose loved ones in such circumstances.
  • Those burying their dead insisting that blood begets blood.
inter, lay to rest, consign to the grave, entomb;
earth up
informal put six feet under, plant
North American informal deep-six
literary sepulchre, ensepulchre, inhume, inearth
1.2Lose (someone, especially a relative) through death: a rich old lady who had buried two husbands
More example sentences
  • Edith buried her husband of forty-some years over a decade ago.
  • Several years after she buried her husband, she had additional remains cremated and sprinkled at his grave during a graveside service.
  • But it seems to me that what I am hearing is that, regardless of the details, there is a common thread between moms who have had to bury children.
2Cover (someone or something) completely: the countryside has been buried under layers of concrete the sheep were buried beneath six-foot drifts of snow
More example sentences
  • The ceiling collapses right on top of Daniel, burying him beneath the rubble.
  • The river thundered below like a chorus of goblin voices, clamoring to snatch me away and bury me beneath the tumult of ice and rock, where no one would ever find me.
  • He was soon buried beneath them, still fighting futilely for his life…
hide, conceal, cover, put out of sight, secrete, enfold;
submerge, sink, embed, engulf, immerse, enclose, tuck, cup
literary enshroud
2.1Hide (something) from sight: she buried her face in her hands
More example sentences
  • She chose to hide her face from Adrian's sight, burying it underneath her hands.
  • Ashley bit her lip and tried to hid her pain by burying her face in Tommy's shoulder, but it was obvious to all the men present that she was in agony.
  • She turned her head away from the gruesome sight and buried it against Kreed's chest.
2.2Hide or try to forget (a feeling or memory): they had buried their feelings of embarrassment and fear
More example sentences
  • He needed to forget about Elizabeth and bury the love he still felt for her in a grave someplace.
  • Apparently the immediate mourning of Otua's passing had disappeared, but Lee could still sense a deeply buried feeling of grief.
  • Adam looked at Evangeline, her voice was level but in her eyes, for a split second, he could see that there was fear buried in that memory.
2.3 (bury oneself) Involve oneself deeply in something to the exclusion of other concerns: he buried himself in work
More example sentences
  • While many people will deeply bury themselves in the mood of worship on Sunday, the doors will be widely open at Kamwala's Hindu Hall for any person to attend the long-awaited Crossroads national music festival.
  • The Flosses bury themselves deeply in denial, while Joe struggles with an unspoken regret.
  • She made excuses not to follow Eliza and Mikelle down to lunch, and buried herself inside her schoolwork.
absorb, engross, occupy, engage, busy, employ, distract, preoccupy, immerse, interest, involve
2.4 informal (Of a football player) shoot (the ball) into the goal: he ran through to bury a right-foot shot inside the near post
More example sentences
  • Unmarked and sprinting into the box, LuaLua buries a left-shot past the ‘keeper from about 10 yards.


bury one's head in the sand

Ignore unpleasant realities.
Example sentences
  • Being one of these people who buries their head in the sand and ignores imminent problems, I just pushed myself too far lately and ended up just losing it.
  • Clay Serby's remarks brought quick condemnation from other politicians and farm groups but Serby defended himself by saying that anyone blind to this potential reality is burying their head in the sand.
  • She said she was almost positive Carla knew about this - how could the rumours have missed her - but that she chose to ignore it, burying her head in the sand.


Old English byrgan, of West Germanic origin; related to the verb borrow and to borough.

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