Definition of candle in English:

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Pronunciation: /ˈkand(ə)l/


1A cylinder or block of wax or tallow with a central wick which is lit to produce light as it burns: the candle flickered in the cold night air an iced cake with nine lighted candles on it
More example sentences
  • Light candles and burn oils to create a restful and tranquil environment.
  • She produces a lighter and the single candle on the table flickers into life alongside the vase of white flowers
  • Winstanley climbed up to the lantern and lit a dozen tallow candles.
taper, sconce;
tallow candle, wax candle, Christmas candle, votary candle, paschal candle
rare bougie, cierge
2 (also international candle) Physics A unit of luminous intensity, superseded by the candela.
Example sentences
  • The intensity of a 60-watt lamp is very nearly 60 candles.
  • The unit of light intensity in the USA, England and France is the international candle.
  • The abscissae give the brilliance measured in international candles per square millimetre.


[with object]
(Of a poultry breeder) test (an egg) for freshness or fertility by holding it to the light: the egg was candled—it was fertile
More example sentences
  • He candled the eggs - checking them against a flame for defects - and took deliveries, but left grammar school with no wish to join the business.
  • We found nests during incubation, and estimated the hatching date by candling eggs.
  • Eggs were candled to determine incubation stage, and laying dates were calculated by backdating.



be able to hold a candle to

[with negative] informal Be nearly as good as: nobody in the final could hold a candle to her
More example sentences
  • At that time, Ric couldn't hold a candle to what they were doing.
  • He dropped out of school at 16 because books couldn't hold a candle to golf and began studying visiting professionals.
  • I'd return the favor but you know I couldn't hold a candle to you.

the game's not worth the candle

The potential advantages to be gained from doing something do not justify the cost or trouble involved: she may decide the game’s not worth the candle and walk away from the discussions they may find that aggressive expansion is not worth the candle
More example sentences
  • What Lindsay Anderson called poetic naturalism, or what we're trying to accomplish - dense, indicative realism presented as a collage - is easily dismissed as not worth the candle.
  • I've always thought that if you have to work at it and you're not happy, it's not worth the candle.
  • Mr Curry reckons that the minor powers on offer to the mini-parliaments are not worth the candle, so people of Yorkshire and elsewhere should vote against it.



Example sentences
  • Eggs to be examined for hatching success were candled by using a portable candler at both the mid-stage and late-stage of parental incubation to determine embryo developmental stage and viability.
  • An egg candler can be purchased, or a flashlight can be used.
  • In previous studies of waterfowl, we used field candlers to age embryos in eggs because candlers are a rapid, simple, and accurate method.


Old English candel, from Latin candela, from candere 'be white or glisten'.

  • Old English candel came from Latin candela, from candere ‘to be white, shine, glisten’ ( compare candid). From the same source comes chandelier (mid 18th century) from Old French chandelier which also gave Middle English chandler, originally a candle maker or seller. A person who cannot hold a candle to someone else is nowhere near as good as them. In the past an assistant might stand next to his superior with a candle to provide light to work by, and so the idea of holding a candle to someone became synonymous with helping them as a subordinate or in a menial way. Not worth the candle originated as a translation of the French phrase le jeu ne vaut pas la chandelle, ‘the game is not worth the candle’. The ‘game’ was a game of cards involving betting, and would not be worth playing if the expense of candles to provide light was more than the expected winnings.

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