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Line breaks: coarse
Pronunciation: /kɔːs

Definition of coarse in English:


1Rough or harsh in texture: a coarse woollen cloth
More example sentences
  • I can see the depths of his chestnut eyes, the coarse texture of his jet black hair, and the shape of his slightly muscular figure.
  • He was a rather tall boy with a head full of coarse black hair.
  • Her coarse black hair was pulled into two cute pigtails, and she smiled shyly.
rough, bristly, scratchy, prickly, hairy, shaggy, wiry
1.1Consisting of large grains or particles: coarse sand
More example sentences
  • Water used for domestic purposes can be easily recycled by passing it through layers of charcoal and coarse sand.
  • If your soil is poorly drained, it may be necessary to put a little coarse sand at the base of the hole.
  • Beneath these lies a floor of coarse granite sand and broken shell.
1.2(Of grains or particles) large: under the microscope they are seen to contain coarse grains
More example sentences
  • At a microscopic scale, at the surface of the deposit, coarse particles roll on a deposit of fine particles as a result of particle segregation.
  • Some biologic links between coarse particles and exacerbation of respiratory problems support these findings.
  • Grain orientation also plays a large part in determining toughness of alloys containing coarse particles.
1.3(Of a person’s features) not elegantly formed or proportioned: his coarse, ugly features contorted with rage
More example sentences
  • His facial features were coarse, his hands were spade-like, and his feet were large.
  • The male figures here, as before, are represented as coarse, even brutal in feature.
  • From the servants I had heard that she was very coarse looking and rude.
heavy, broad, large, rough, rough-hewn, unrefined, inelegant;
rugged, craggy
1.4(Of food or drink) of inferior quality: the wine is harsh, tannic, and coarse
More example sentences
  • The food was meager, coarse bread and a single cup of water along with a small bowl of some kind of stew, long gone cold.
  • A Chinese hostess will usually say to her guests she has nothing to offer them but some coarse food and plain tea.
  • The Romans considered the leek a superior vegetable, unlike onions and garlic which were despised as coarse foods for the poor.
2(Of a person or their speech) rude or vulgar: a man of coarse speech indecent language and coarse jests
More example sentences
  • You are never coarse or vulgar, and people who display such traits offend you.
  • A crude culture makes a coarse people, and private refinement cannot long survive public excess.
  • He sees a woman much like himself, a coarse merchant's daughter who guffaws loudly at a dirty joke.
3British Relating to the sport of angling for coarse fish: coarse anglers
More example sentences
  • The Internet has made a huge difference to acquiring information on many subjects, including angling, and the coarse anglers over here have their own club and national sites on the Net.
  • Many more anglers are now going out fly fishing for the coarse and sea fish species.
  • You can also increase your catch numbers by copying our coarse fishing colleagues and employing swim feeders.


late Middle English (in the sense 'ordinary or inferior'): origin uncertain; until the 17th century identical in spelling with course, and possibly derived from the latter in the sense 'ordinary manner'.



Example sentences
  • Chop the olives, anchovy and capers, add the crushed garlic - it should have a coarsish texture.
  • While they are growing and developing their coats will be coarsish and reddish in colour.
  • The coat should be flat and dense, of a coarsish texture and oily nature, and capable of resisting water.

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