Definition of comment in English:

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Pronunciation: /ˈkɒmɛnt/


1A verbal or written remark expressing an opinion or reaction: you asked for comments on the new proposals [mass noun]: the plans were sent to the council for comment
More example sentences
  • However, your knee-jerk reaction to my comments on your blog leaves little to be desired.
  • Frank's come back with further comments on my earlier remarks.
  • Any comments on this opinion will be gratefully received.
remark, observation, statement, utterance, pronouncement, judgement, reflection, opinion, view, criticism
1.1 [mass noun] Discussion, especially of a critical nature, of an issue or event: the exhibition has aroused comment
More example sentences
  • Laing noted that a number of challenges had been identified and highlighted several issues for discussion and public comment.
  • Although all turns out fine in the end, the ending is not typical and it even finds time for self-reflective comment on the fickle nature of the movie industry.
  • The ALRC is seeking public comment on the issues raised in the discussion paper.
discussion, debate, mention, consideration, interest
1.2An indirect expression of the views of the writer of a play, book, film, etc. she denies that the film is a comment on the perils of celebrity
More example sentences
  • Laurel Canyon is trying to make a social comment but as the film fails to be really engaging it is lost underneath all the soap opera.
  • Theron denies the film is a comment on the perils of celebrity, or that such behaviour is inevitable if you are in the public eye.
  • The film is a comment on love, friendship and the struggle to create an individual sense of family.
1.3An explanatory note in a book or other written text: additional notes and comments
More example sentences
  • They pleasantly surprise the reader by additional introductory notes, comments, and excurses.
  • The album notes will include comments from Steve Goodman on prison injustice, plus internet sites to check out on the unfair prison system.
  • See, for example, the comments set out as notes under the entries for Thoosuchus and Yarengia.
note, notation, annotation, footnote, gloss, commentary, explanation, explication, interpretation, elucidation, exposition, exegesis;
rare scholium
1.4 archaic A written explanation or commentary.
1.5 Computing A piece of text placed within a program to help other users to understand it, which the computer ignores when running the program.
Example sentences
  • Program comments that provide some clues as to which user is notified when the job completes.
  • The newer utility, xconv, understands comments and the use of tcpd better than itox does.
  • They are simply comments, and my Netscape program re-adds them if they are missing.


[reporting verb]
1Express an opinion or reaction in speech or writing: [with clause]: teachers commented that children of all abilities would benefit [no object]: the company would not comment on the venture [with direct speech]: ‘She’s an independent soul,’ he commented
More example sentences
  • I want to thank all of the people who read and comment on my writing.
  • A number of head teachers refused to comment on the changes.
  • I would like to thank Coleman for giving this article credence by taking the time to review and comment on this article.
remark on, speak about, talk about, write about, discuss, mention, give a mention to, make mention of, make remarks about, make a comment on, express an opinion on, say something about, touch on, allude to
remark, observe, reflect, say, state, declare, announce, pronounce, assert, interpose, interject;
come out with
rare opine
1.1 [with object] Computing Place a piece of explanatory text within (a program) to assist other users: the only way to solve the problem is to code for the hardware directly—just make sure that it’s clearly commented
More example sentences
  • I would like to thank Dr. Martin for the patience and time she put into reading and commenting my text.
  • Microsoft has said it'll add more XML commenting features to Visual Studio 2005.
  • Playable levels are encouraged, but commented walkthroughs are acceptable.
1.2 [with object] Computing Turn (part of a program) into a comment so that the computer ignores it when running the program: you could try commenting out that line
More example sentences
  • The reference had been commented out, making it invisible to the casual web surfer.
  • The first line seems innocent enough, but it's important that you comment it out.
  • Then you need to comment it out by appending the string dnl to the beginning of the line.


no comment

Used in refusing to answer a question, especially in a sensitive situation: I spent the day saying ‘No comment’ to every reporter
More example sentences
  • As for her golf handicap, she declines to reveal what hers is, saying only, "No comment" when the question is asked.
  • I've read ahead to see the questions at the end and I've put no comment for each.
  • I have been waiting a long time in politics to say this - no comment.


Late Middle English (in the senses 'expository treatise' and 'explanatory note'): from Latin commentum 'contrivance' (in late Latin also 'interpretation'), neuter past participle of comminisci 'devise'.

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