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Line breaks: con|fed¦er|ate


Pronunciation: /kənˈfɛd(ə)rət
  • 1Joined by an agreement or treaty: some local groups united to form confederate councils
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    • Unable to reach an agreement between a federal or confederate link between the two parts, the country peacefully split into the independent Czech and Slovak Republics on 1 January 1993.
    • With the agreement of President Tudjman, a Croat-Muslim alliance was formed, laying down a federal Bosnia with the Croat entity having confederate status with Croatia itself.
    • Therefore, he said that federal or confederate systems can better safeguard the independence and interests of some minor provinces.
  • 1.1 (Confederate) Relating to the Confederate States of America: the Confederate flag
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    • Sherman's prime targets in his famous marches were Confederate war-making resources and morale.
    • One of the most effective naval blockades in history was imposed on Confederate ports by the Union Navy during the American Civil War.
    • Also, if captured by Confederate troops, a Black soldier would be immediately executed or sold into slavery.


Pronunciation: /kənˈfɛd(ə)rət
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  • 2 (Confederate) A supporter of the Confederate States of America.
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    • He is, for example, an ardent apologist for Robert E. Lee, regarding him and other Confederates as American heroes.
    • Still, Confederates struck hard at McPherson's Federals in a fierce day-long battle.
    • For their part, the Confederates considered Lincoln's peace terms tantamount to unconditional surrender.


Pronunciation: /kənˈfɛdəreɪt
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  • Bring (states or groups of people) into an alliance: Switzerland is a model for the new confederated Europe
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    • He had only ‘asked Sri Lanka to consider a quasi-federal or confederated setup under a constitutional system that accorded full rights to the Tamils’.
    • Additionally, since 1808 they had been fighting a guerrilla war with Indian tribes loosely confederated by the great Shawnee chief Tecumseh.
    • The loosely confederated empire began to feel beleaguered from East and West, becoming aware of the growing pressure of Teutonism.


late Middle English: from late (ecclesiastical) Latin confoederatus, from con- 'together' + foederatus (see federate).

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