There are 2 main definitions of console in English:

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console 1

Pronunciation: /kənˈsəʊl/


[with object]
Comfort (someone) at a time of grief or disappointment: she tried to console him but he pushed her gently away you can console yourself with the thought that you did your best (as adjective consoling) he put a consoling arm around her shoulder
More example sentences
  • Gently she stroked her hair and consoled her with a reassuring touch.
  • My associate quickly became a friend as he tried consoling me with humour and sympathy.
  • A great deal has been said about these artists searching for the ugly instead of consoling us with beauty.
comfort, solace, condole with, give condolences to;
sympathize with, express sympathy to, show compassion to, pity, commiserate with, show fellow feeling to;
help, aid, support, cheer (up), gladden, hearten, encourage, reassure, fortify;
soothe, ease, succour, assuage, alleviate



Pronunciation: /kɒnˈsəʊləb(ə)l/
Example sentences
  • Something in the European temperament became blunter, less trusting, less imaginatively consolable - arguably more secular and politically militant.
  • Tradition does not deny the pain of death, but stresses its fleeting and consolable character.
  • ‘Guys are very consolable, so don't worry about it.’


Pronunciation: /kənˈsəʊlə/
Example sentences
  • These people - artists, inventors, designers, storytellers, caregivers, consolers, big picture thinkers - will now reap society's richest rewards and share its greatest joys.
  • The foundation has to raise 150,000 annually to facilitate the two full time specially trained nurses and illness consolers.
  • This was in concert with their belief that sleep was the greatest of all physicians and the most powerful consoler of humanity.


Example sentences
  • ‘She's on another planet,’ I said consolingly.
  • If there is a more desperately funny or a more consolingly heartbreaking image of our position in the universe than the portrait, at the end of the book, of the self-anointed knight trampled by swine, I have not discovered it.
  • One smiled consolingly and said the evening had reduced my time in purgatory.


Mid 17th century (replacing earlier consolate): from French consoler, from Latin consolari, from con- 'with' + solari 'soothe'.

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There are 2 main definitions of console in English:

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console 2

Pronunciation: /ˈkɒnsəʊl/


1A panel or unit accommodating a set of controls for electronic or mechanical equipment.
Example sentences
  • However, when she hit the ground, her left shoulder came in contact with the side panel of the control console.
  • They were expendable anyway, since whenever the ship was hit, control panels and consoles on the bridge would short out in their faces.
  • Hackers can also jack enemy vehicles and make them their own, as well as hack enemy consoles so friendly units can use them.
1.1 (also games console, game console) A small electronic device for playing computerized video games.
Example sentences
  • A surround sound hi-fi system, plasma TV screen, multiplayer games consoles, internet-connected computers with webcam are just some of the accessories that will fit the bill.
  • Up to four computers or games consoles can be attached directly to the device using Ethernet, the standard network connection.
  • But presumably there will come a time when most homes have it, and it will feed a broader local network comprising not only computers but games consoles and other home entertainment devices.
1.2A cabinet for television or radio equipment.
Example sentences
  • This may be my last broadcast gentle listeners, the last time you hear my soothing words and sage advice drifting out of your radio consoles like a summer zephyr.
  • Lawrence looked over to the radio console and made a slashing motion across his throat.
  • Greta folded her arms across her chest, peering from the scope to the radio console.
1.3The cabinet or enclosure containing the keyboards, stops, pedals, etc., of an organ.
Example sentences
  • This time, the focus was on synths and consoles.
  • For example, elevated or centralized organ consoles suggest the object of our worship is the music, or (worse yet) the musician.
  • The organ console was located at the left side of the shallow orchestra pit, and its music rack and decorative French caps extended above the level of the stage floor.
2An ornamented bracket or corbel supporting a shelf or table top.
Example sentences
  • Made of vitreous China, sinks like the 27 1/2-inch pedestal basin shown come with pedestal covers or metal consoles.
  • In the museum lobby, a main directory resting on a console introduces the tactile itinerary on the slanted glass surface.
  • Classic urn lamps supported by contemporary consoles establish the room's style mix.


Mid 17th century (in (sense 2)): from French, perhaps from consolider, from Latin consolidare (see consolidate).

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