Definition of continue in English:

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Pronunciation: /kənˈtɪnjuː/

verb (continues, continuing, continued)

1 [no object] Persist in an activity or process: he was unable to continue with his job [with infinitive]: prices continued to fall during April
More example sentences
  • This persistence continued with the boy insisting that we have sweets at his employer's stall.
  • Instead, companies continue to import and process raw coffee beans in Europe.
  • The job destruction is continuing as the process of corporate restructuring intensifies.
carry on with, go on with, keep on with, proceed with, pursue;
persist in/with, press on with, persevere in/with, keep up, keep at, push on with, not stop, not give up, stay with
informal stick with/at, soldier on with, stick to one's guns
ongoing, continuous, sustained, persistent, steady, relentless, uninterrupted, unabating, unremitting, unrelieved, unrelenting, unceasing
1.1Remain in existence or operation: discussions continued throughout the year
More example sentences
  • He added that the rescue operation would continue throughout today and promised a full investigation into what happened.
  • This cycle continues throughout the security operation as events dictate.
  • Cleaning, maintenance and service operations will continue throughout the warm-down period.
go on, carry on, extend, run on, drag on;
keep up, hold, prevail, subsist
last, endure, go on, be prolonged, live on, survive;
1.2Remain in a specified position or state: they have indicated their willingness to continue in office [with complement]: the weather continued warm and pleasant (as adjective continuing) a continuing controversy
More example sentences
  • If the weather continues to get warmer and the ice caps continue to melt, the level of the sea would rise and several of the sea ports that we know would be submerged.
  • The heavy dew at this time of year reduces the need for watering but check if the weather continues to be warm and dry.
  • Recruitment for the remaining forum positions is continuing.
remain, stay, carry on, keep going
1.3 [with object] Carry on with (something that one has begun): the Archive has continued its programme of research (as adjective continued) he asked for their continued support
More example sentences
  • His gaze lifted, and he began walking, continuing his aimless trek around Seattle.
  • When the U.S. economy begins and continues a strong recovery over a period of time, will they prosper?
  • If its funding crisis continues it may well begin to lag behind others in building a profitable customer base.
maintain, keep up, sustain, keep going, keep alive, preserve, prolong, extend, protract, perpetuate;
1.4 [with adverbial of direction] Carry on travelling in the same direction: they continued northwards to Glasgow
More example sentences
  • At the key intersection the road signs direct travelers to either continue west or turn south.
  • Justin pulled onto the main road and continued into the correct direction towards the highway.
  • After taking in the views, the walk continues in the same direction northwards from the summit towards a wall on top of the plateau.
2Recommence or resume after interruption: [with object]: we continue the story from the point reached in Chapter 1 [no object]: the trial continues tomorrow
More example sentences
  • Therefore, the group recommended continuing the trial due to the still uncertain balance of risks and benefits.
  • My project was partially done and my boss asked me to recommend somebody to continue my project.
  • If you get a keyboard error, press F1 to resume and then continue pressing the F8 key once every second.
resume, pick up, take up, carry on with, return to, start/begin again;
pick up the threads, pick up where one left off
formal recommence
2.1 [no object] Carry on speaking after a pause or interruption: I told him he was obstructing the enquiry and he let me continue [with direct speech]: ‘Pleased to make your acquaintance,’ he continued
More example sentences
  • He politely checked the mobile with a quick glance each time, then continued without a pause.
  • It's a test, designed to provoke an emotional response. Shall we continue?
  • The pause continues until he determines that it is time to speak again.
2.2 [with object] US Law Postpone or adjourn (a legal proceeding): the case was continued without a finding until August 2
More example sentences
  • Police later said that they would apply for a warrant and continue legal proceedings.
  • The English Court would not be offended if a claimant were enjoined from commencing or continuing proceedings in England in breach of an agreement to arbitrate in another contracting state.
  • The state court then continues the proceedings in light of that opinion.



Pronunciation: /kənˈtɪnjʊəb(ə)l/
Example sentences
  • If its argument is a condition, SIGNAL does not ensure that the condition indicates a continuable exception.
  • Such feature is given to us while the continuable exceptions occur.
  • The exception event in the example above has an exception number of 1 and thus is continuable.


Example sentences
  • ‘They are our avant-garde,’ Allen wrote, ‘the true continuers of the modern movement in American poetry’.
  • There is no honor higher than to be continuers of the glorious deeds of our ancestors, no duty loftier than to reliably protect the country.
  • He left the church because he ‘could not embrace the role of race continuer that seemed, in a quiet way, also part of the church mission.’


Middle English: from Old French continuer, from Latin continuare, from continuus (see continuous).

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