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Line breaks: con|vert¦er
Pronunciation: /kənˈvəːtə
(also convertor)


  • 1A person or thing that converts something: the would-be converter of a building to domestic use
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    • But preaching to the converters is not going to help in the Midwest.
    • So the advertising campaigns along with the delivery of the euro converters has been one of the board's greatest successes
    • Armed with his euro convertor from the wee hours yesterday morning, no barman was going to pull the wool over his eyes.
  • 1.1A device for altering the nature of an electric current or signal, especially from AC to DC or vice versa, or from analogue to digital or vice versa.
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    • In such a case, we must amplify the photocurrent to a level that can be converted to a digital signal by an analog-to-digital converter.
    • The digital filter output data is converted to a current-mode analog waveform by a digital-to-analog converter.
    • What's more, the industry has switched its focus from offering high-end boxes that do everything but cook dinner to more rudimentary, less expensive converters that can deliver digital signals and elementary interactive services.
  • 1.2A retort used in steel-making.
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    • An assistant swung the converter back into the crucible, leaving the smith free to turn his attention to the liquid steel in the mould.
    • The mathematical modeling of the process of a supersonic oxygen jet interaction with the surface of a liquid metal in a steel-making converter was carried out.
  • 1.3 short for catalytic converter.
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    • Combining the attributes of two complimentary energy converters yields significant mileage and emissions gains, particularly in urban driving.
    • The other features to look for in a catalytic converter are heavy gauge construction, proper heat shielding around the converter, and ‘high flow’ design.
    • The information contained in the mark includes the converter's precise build time, date, and manufacturing process parameters.
  • 1.4 Computing A program that converts data from one format to another.
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    • Adding another programmer means you have time to implement more features, optimize and debug code, make file format converters, and other things which get you more customers.
    • The gap between HTML and PDF has been bridged by an advanced PDF to HTML converter in recent data visualization software.
    • Oh, and if it's got an audio file format converter thrown in too, so much the better.
  • 1.5A camera lens which changes the focal length of another lens by a set amount: a camera fitted with a x2 converter
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    • The solid, fixed converter lens and/or accessory mount with its small, 28 mm threaded ring creates an immediate link to an idea few other manufacturers have exploited, and none as well as Nikon.
    • Most major camera manufacturers produce a range of lens converters to increase the flexibility of the camera's fixed lens.

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