Definition of create in English:

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Pronunciation: /kriːˈeɪt/


1 [with object] Bring (something) into existence: he created a thirty-acre lake over 170 jobs were created
More example sentences
  • Mayo County Council have done an exemplary job in creating this trail and bringing the visual arts to the people.
  • His paintings are attempts at getting outside of time, at creating timeless icons of existence.
  • In an effort to justify their existence they create documents that only a fool would sign without modifying it.
generate, produce, design, make, fabricate, fashion, manufacture, build, construct, erect, do, turn out;
bring into being, originate, invent, initiate, engender, devise, frame, develop, shape, form, mould, forge, concoct, hatch
informal knock together, knock up, knock off
establish, found, institute, constitute, inaugurate, launch, set up, put in place, start, lay the foundations of;
form, organize, develop, build up;
get something going, get something moving, get something working
informal kick something off
1.1Cause (something) to happen as a result of one’s actions: divorce created only problems for children
More example sentences
  • It is a prime cause of substance abuse and divorce and can ultimately create a state of tension and chaos in the office and at home.
  • That diversity creates a community that fosters interaction more than competition.
  • Doing so fosters new entrepreneurs, creates good feelings, builds the brand, and engenders loyalty.
bring about, result in, cause, be the cause of, give rise to, lead to, breed, generate, engender, produce, make, make for, prompt, promote, foster, sow the seeds of, contribute to, stir up, whip up, inspire
literary enkindle
1.2(Of an actor) originate (a role) by playing a character for the first time: Callas created only one role, and that was Eurydice
More example sentences
  • And it was fantastic to watch our great actors create such magnificent characters.
  • Every single one of these actors created a memorable character with their very screen presence.
  • The three principal actors are thanked for creating wonderfully complex characters with real motivations and emotions.
1.3 [with object and complement] Invest (someone) with a title of nobility: he was created a baronet
More example sentences
  • In 1681, sixteen days after the death of the previous holder of the title, he was created earl of Nottingham.
  • He was created a baronet in 1885 and elected president of the RA in 1896.
  • On returning to England in 1902 he was created Viscount Kitchener and was appointed commander in chief in India.
appoint, make, install as, invest;
name, nominate, designate
2 [no object] British informal Make a fuss; complain: little kids create because they hate being ignored



Example sentences
  • The debate about whether to destroy smallpox virus stocks is pointless because any virus or bacteria whose DNA sequence is published is eventually going to be easily creatable by labs all around the world.
  • Only certain plants where creatable in his time and most were so genetically engineered that they look unnaturally symmetrical and linear.
  • But with personal property creatable on demand from sunlight and dirt, it's not clear what the medium of exchange would be.


Late Middle English (in the sense 'form out of nothing', used of a divine or supernatural being): from Latin creat- 'produced', from the verb creare.

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