Definition of cyclic in English:

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Pronunciation: /ˈsʌɪklɪk/


1Occurring in cycles; regularly repeated: the cyclic pattern of the last two decades
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  • The evolution of the universe could be cyclic, with regularly repeating periods of expansion and contraction.
  • The new terror was cyclic, and the cycle took exactly a century to complete.
  • Pepper, like some other fruit vegetables, shows a cyclic growth pattern where periods of high fruit set and slow fruit growth alternate with periods of low fruit set and rapid fruit growth.
1.1 Mathematics (Of a group) having the property that each element of the group can be expressed as a power of one particular element.
1.2Denoting a musical or literary composition with a recurrent theme or structural device.
Example sentences
  • His own composition classes were solidly based on a historical foundation of Gregorian chant, Palestrinian and Bachian polyphony, Beethoven's symphonic language, and Franck's technique of cyclic themes.
  • The Quartet is a cyclic composition full of fine music ranging from the eloquent to the virtuosic.
  • The oeuvre includes the formally ingenious Violin Sonata no.l, its finale a set of cyclic variations recapitulating in reverse order the themes of the entire work.
2 Mathematics Relating to a circle or other closed curve.
2.1 Geometry (Of a polygon) having all its vertices lying on a circle.
Example sentences
  • This information is independent both of the orientation chosen for the plane and of the orientation for the polygon specified by the cyclic order of its vertices.
  • The expression for the radius of the circle in which a cyclic quadrilateral is inscribed, given in terms of the sides of the quadrilateral, is usually attributed to Lhuilier in 1782.
  • Since Tucker hexagons are cyclic, so are the hexagons of the six circumcenters at hand.
3 Chemistry (Of a compound) having a molecular structure containing one or more closed rings of atoms: a cyclic sulphonium salt
More example sentences
  • He theorized that the structure of these compounds were long, chainlike molecules and not aggregates or cyclic compounds as previously thought.
  • The basic mode of action is to make the cyclic structure a straight chain molecule.
  • By sharing two oxygen atoms, silicates can form either cyclic or chain structures.
4 Botany (Of a flower) having its parts arranged in whorls.


Late 18th century: from French cyclique or Latin cyclicus, from Greek kuklikos, from kuklos 'circle'.

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