Definition of declarative in English:

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Pronunciation: /dɪˈklarətɪv/


1Of the nature of or making a declaration: declarative statements
More example sentences
  • The declarative gesture of the cigarette, almost stating, in the guise of a crime scene photograph, ‘here is what happened’, proves less complete and less transparent than at first appears.
  • But to the best of my knowledge this is the first time we've heard this about Rice - certainly in so declarative and unambiguous a fashion.
  • In an age of staged, declarative theatre, Stanislavsky's came as a radical response to what was then a stilted performative norm.
1.1 Grammar (Of a sentence or phrase) taking the form of a simple statement.
Example sentences
  • This is due to the fact that a simple, transitive, declarative clause in Lisu does not distinguish between agent and patient structurally.
  • Each time she chants it we encounter the essential use of the simple declarative sentence, the basic seed from which all speech proliferates.
  • In the declarative clause, it is not the first auxiliary that is placed before the subject to make the interrogative.
2 Computing Denoting high-level programming languages which can be used to solve problems without requiring the programmer to specify an exact procedure to be followed.
Example sentences
  • He is examining more declarative programming languages.
  • XSLT is a declarative language: Unnatural for programmers who have been trained in and have been doing procedural programming for years.
  • Method and system for modeling and presenting integrated media with a declarative modeling language for representing reactive behavior


1A statement in the form of a declaration.
Example sentences
  • I don't - unlike some - have to stoop to declaratives like ‘I loathe’: I've tried to stick to William Goldman's dictum of ‘show, don't tell.’
  • It would be wrong to communicate anything other than the simplest of declaratives: We mourn, we persevere, we continue.
  • Where Bush is prone to short, simple declaratives and a Texan's folksy mannerisms, Kerry is a reserved New Englander known more for meandering deliberation and a self-described tendency toward ‘Senate-speak.’
1.1 Grammar A declarative sentence or phrase.
Example sentences
  • But imperatives, interrogatives and declaratives are grammatical forms, while demanding action or requesting or giving information are semantic roles.
  • The syntax of English says (for example) that the subject should precede the predicate in a normal declarative: The cat wants to go out rather than * Wants to go out the cat.
  • In my last post on the subject, I admitted that I could accept subject-drop in a noninverted declarative, but not in a noninverted interrogative.



Example sentences
  • In that thesis Marx did not write declaratively, as Friedman cites him ‘that it is men who change circumstances and that it is essential to educate the educator himself.’
  • This demand specifies either declaratively or imperatively the permissions level that both direct and indirect callers must have to access your application code.
  • The aim, rather, was to represent one's aristocratic identity as declaratively as possible through cosmetic artifice.
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