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Line breaks: de|cline
Pronunciation: /dɪˈklʌɪn


  • 3 [no object] (Especially of the sun) move downwards: the sun began to creep round to the west and to decline
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    • We have designed the extension to capture the last scraps of sun as it declines behind the hill in the early evening.
  • 3.1 archaic Bend down; droop: the wearisome creatures of the world declining to their rest
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    • Declining from his sitting position…[he] stretched himself…among the daisies.
  • 4 [with object] (In the grammar of Latin, Greek, and certain other languages) state the forms of (a noun, pronoun, or adjective) corresponding to case, number, and gender.
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    • Lyly declined English nouns as if they were Latin.
    • The girls would happily sit for hours on end in his study declining Greek nouns and reading political philosophy.
    • Reminder: you decline the verb to be as follows: I am, You are, He/she/it is, We are, You are, They are.


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declining years

The period of one’s old age: he needed a companion for his declining years
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  • Relatively few nowadays are prepared to have their parents live with them in their declining years, although this would obviously make looking after grandchildren easier for the physically-fit elderly.
  • But, why should pensioners, most of whom have spent their lives lavishing what money they had on their children, not use their equity to enjoy themselves in their declining years?
  • There was little choice for users of mental health services or older people who could not decide where to spend their declining years.
The period leading up to the end of an enterprise or institution: the declining years of the Austro-Hungarian empire
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  • The Accord grew out of a period of industrial warfare, in the declining years of the Fraser government.
  • How does this show, even in its declining years, still manage to rack up such an assortment of cute men and women previously unbeknownst to the world at large?
  • In the opening pages of The Seduction of Place, his new book on the city, Anglo-American architect and historian Joseph Rykwert recounts his own formation during the declining years of the modernist movement.



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  • When "eka" is used in the sense of ‘some, certain, incomparable’, it is declinable in the three genders and in both numbers.
  • Year after year, his explanations of connecting vowels and genitives of nouns and declinable adjectives fell on deaf ears.
  • The gender agreement rule is that, in the singular, the declinable premodifiers (determiners and adjectives) should agree with the gender of the head noun.


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  • Petroleum and its textile businesses were the only two decliners in the first half, as textile earnings dropped 44 per cent to HK $46 million.
  • On the New York Stock Exchange, decliners beat advancers by two to one as 455 million shares traded.
  • In Jakarta, the stock index dropped by 0.7 percent; the biggest decliner in the region.


late Middle English: from Old French decliner, from Latin declinare 'bend down, turn aside', from de- 'down' + clinare 'to bend'.

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