Definition of demonstration in English:

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Pronunciation: /dɛmənˈstreɪʃ(ə)n/


1An act of showing that something exists or is true by giving proof or evidence: his demonstration of the need for computer corpora in language study is convincing [mass noun]: acts of faith are not capable of mathematical demonstration
More example sentences
  • In other words, Hume believed that any justified application of the inductive inference presupposes a demonstration that the conclusion is true.
  • These ships were handed over to Turkey as a demonstration that Germany was Turkey's true friend at sea as well as on land.
  • The second argument arises from the demonstration that mammalian mitochondria house the enzyme apparatus that is necessary for recombination.
proof, substantiation, confirmation, affirmation, corroboration, verification, validation;
evidence, indication, witness, testament
1.1An outward show of a feeling or quality: physical demonstrations of affection
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  • No matter that their little demonstration of affection had defrauded a couple out of their home, disappointed two rival suitors and left members of their family in debt.
  • Nurturing Cancerians know how nourishing a simple demonstration of affection can be, so be sure to give someone a big drink of love sometime this week.
  • There were no street parties or gala concerts, no spontaneous demonstrations of love and affection.
manifestation, indication, revelation, sign, mark, token, embodiment, record;
rare evincement
2A practical exhibition and explanation of how something works or is performed: a microwave cookery demonstration
More example sentences
  • The event will be staged in the beautiful surroundings of Riverstown, containing several hundred exhibits, craft demonstrations and live performances.
  • Hyndman was running the family bookstore when Holst - who used to perform in-store cooking demonstrations in the days his dad owned the business - stopped in for a chat.
  • As well as music and dancing, there was also an arts and crafts marquee offering a mixture of displays and practical demonstrations.
exhibition, presentation, display, illustration, exposition, teach-in
informal demo, expo, taster
3A public meeting or march protesting against something or expressing views on a political issue: a pro-democracy demonstration demonstrations against the poll tax
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  • Moreover, the Act's wording is so sweeping that it can also be used to suppress any form of public political dissent, including demonstrations, pickets and protests.
  • But the idea was aborted after protesters organised public meetings, demonstrations and petitions.
  • The public began to challenge political leaders in demonstrations and marches.
protest, protest march, march, parade, rally, lobby, sit-in, sit-down, sleep-in, stoppage, strike, walkout, picket, picket line, blockade;
Indian  morcha, gherao, hartal
informal demo, get-together



Example sentences
  • I am referring to the fact that Brunelleschi's famous demonstrational panels aimed at offering an accurate visual rendition of precisely the two urban visual experiences Trachtenberg has so accurately observed and described.
  • The Lapidary interface design tool is a demonstrational system that allows the graphics and run-time behaviors that go inside an application window to be specified pictorially.
  • The wooden sphere at the centre of the armillary represents the Earth; such spheres were a common feature of demonstrational armillaries, and were frequently marked as terrestrial globes.


Late Middle English (also in the senses 'proof provided by logic' and 'sign, indication'): from Latin demonstratio(n-), from demonstrare 'point out' (see demonstrate). sense 3 dates from the mid 19th century.

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