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Line breaks: de|posit
Pronunciation: /dɪˈpɒzɪt


  • 1A sum of money paid into a bank or building society account: cash funds which are an alternative to bank or building society deposits
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    • Any money market accounts, certificates of deposits, bank bonds, Treasuries, and savings are assets.
    • Unlike safe investments such as bank deposits or Treasury bonds, dividends are not guaranteed.
    • But a claim - and bank notes or deposits are claims to money - does not involve the creditor's relinquishing any of the present good.
  • 2A sum payable as a first instalment on the purchase of something or as a pledge for a contract, the balance being payable later: we’ve saved enough for a deposit on a house
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    • Persimmon said then that the acquisition of 20,000 shares was merely a deposit on a conditional contract to buy the ground, subject to planning permission and vacant possession.
    • Lowry then used the balance as a deposit on a property at Cheadle near Manchester.
    • The shares had simply been bought to secure the deposit on the contract.
    down payment, part payment, advance payment, prepayment, instalment, security, retainer, pledge, stake; front money, money up front
  • 2.1A returnable sum payable on the hire or rental of something, to cover possible loss or damage: a refundable €100 deposit is payable on arrival at the villa
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    • The damage deposit covered their final month's rent but their lease was obviously dead.
    • The most a landlord can ask for in terms of a damage deposit is the last month's rent, payable before the tenant occupies a unit.
    • Force convicted slumlords to give damage deposits to the government.
  • 2.2(In the UK) a sum of money lodged by an election candidate and forfeited if they fail to receive a certain proportion of the votes: he lost his deposit but was credited with contributing to the Conservatives' defeat
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    • He attracted only 1,392 votes and lost his deposit.
    • A candidate shall lose his deposit if he has received less than six percent of the number of valid ballots in the election and has failed to win a seat in the subsequent election run-off.
    • At the general election of 1950, it put up 100 candidates, lost both its seats, and forfeited 97 deposits.
  • 3A layer or mass of accumulated matter: the deposits of salt on the paintwork
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    • Birth defects and complications are also being missed because ultrasound waves are unable to penetrate large fat deposits.
    • ‘Placer’ gold deposits are those that accumulate in the sediments of stream beds.
    • The alkaline action of raw juices dissolves the accumulation of deposits around the joints and in other tissue.
    accumulation, sediment, sublimate; layer, covering, coating, dusting, blanket
  • 3.1A natural underground layer of rock, coal, or other material: a great quantity of pottery was found in this deposit [with modifier]: areas of mineral deposits
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    • The removal of huge amounts of material from the underground deposit causes massive subsidence at the surface.
    • Asbestos is a fibrous mineral mined from rock deposits.
    • Mongolia, population 2.3 million, lives on mostly undeveloped land with so much mineral wealth that coal deposits sit on the desert surface.
    seam, vein, lode, layer, stratum, bed, accumulation
  • 4 [mass noun] The action of placing something in a specified place: the deposit of a thesis in a library gives no guarantee of copyright protection [count noun]: although some people will be withdrawing money, others will be making new deposits
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    • Disposal will include, but not be confined to, any of the processes of removal, transport and deposit.
    • Just try to make a cash deposit to your bank account.
    • But, surprisingly, much of the world views that money creation only occurs with the deposit into a bank account.

verb (deposits, depositing, deposited)

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  • 1 [with object and usually with adverbial of place] Put or set down (something or someone) in a specific place: he deposited a pile of school books on the kitchen table
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    • The train deposits you at Sirkeci station, in the heart of Istanbul, at the gateway to the Golden Horn.
    • Ben yanked him up by the back of his collar and half dragged him to the livery, depositing him in a pile of hay.
    • ‘See you later,’ Tim says, after Adam is safely deposited in a sitting position on his blankets.
    put (down), place, lay (down), set (down), unload, rest, settle, sit; drop, let fall, throw down, fling down
    informal dump, stick, park, plonk, pop, shove
    British informal bung
    North American informal plunk
    archaic unlade
    rare posit
  • 1.1(Of water, the wind, or other natural agency) lay down (matter) gradually as a layer or covering: beds where salt is deposited by the tide
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    • Sand was deposited by wind or water, and briefly wetted by liquid water that evaporated, forming the sulfate cement.
    • Geologists suggested the layers may have been formed either by ash from a volcano or from sediments deposited by wind or liquid water.
    • Fossils, he claimed, were the remains of once-living organisms, turned to stone inside layers of silt or sand deposited by water.
    leave behind, leave, set down, let settle, precipitate, dump; wash up, cast up
  • 1.2Lay (an egg): the female deposits a line of eggs
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    • The males become pregnant after the females deposit their eggs onto them.
    • Evidence for this comes from the fact that eggs at different stages of development can be found in their nests, suggesting that multiple females deposited eggs in the nest.
    • A female ready to deposit her eggs seeks out a bloodsucking insect, generally a fly or mosquito.
  • 2 [with object] Place (something) somewhere for safekeeping: a vault in which guests may deposit valuable property
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    • He also suggested that to prevent such a theft we should have deposited the helmets with him for safekeeping.
    • After depositing my bags in a sarkari guest house I made for the office of the Dashauli Gram Swarajya Mandal.
    • Traditionally, villagers deposit money in post offices as they consider them safe and they also earn more interest compared to banks.
  • 2.1Pay (a sum of money) into a bank or building society account: the money had been deposited in a Swiss bank account
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    • This may prevent the victim of a fraud seeking a proprietary remedy against a bank where money has been deposited into a bank account.
    • The only sign of him is the money that's deposited into my bank account every month.
    • Would you also like to go to the bank and deposit regular sums of money?
    lodge, bank, house, store, stow, put away, hoard, lay in; entrust, consign, commit
    informal stash, squirrel away, salt away, put aside for a rainy day
  • 2.2Pay (a sum) as a first instalment or as a pledge for a contract: I had to deposit 10% of the price of the house
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    • Earlier, the students were compelled to pay a fee of Rs 5,000 apart from Rs 23,000 deposited as the first installment for getting the institute affiliated.
    • In fact, we allow them to deposit NT $20,000 initially and pay the remainder in installments.


on deposit

(Of money) placed in a deposit account: half of the money is placed on deposit
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  • I think of savers as people who want both their capital and their income to be safe and secure and, usually, their money ends up on deposit in a bank or building society.
  • Question 7: How much emergency money do you have on deposit?
  • As a firm believer in the stock market as the best way to generate wealth, I don't keep a lot of money on deposit, except some tax-free savings.


late 16th century (especially in the phrases in deposit or on deposit): from Latin depositum (noun), medieval Latin depositare (verb), both from Latin deposit- 'laid aside', from the verb deponere.

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