Definition of dome in English:

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Pronunciation: /dəʊm/


1A rounded vault forming the roof of a building or structure, typically with a circular base: the dome of St Paul’s Cathedral
More example sentences
  • The final dome or vault consisted of a composite structure of in-situ concrete and ferro-cement formwork.
  • Like many of the plans and models contributed in 2001, this plan featured domes and pyramidal structures, circular spaces, and a lot of glass.
  • This can be repeated to transform the octagon into a sixteen-sided figure on which the base of the dome may rest.
cupola, vault, rotunda, arched roof, arched ceiling;
mound, hemisphere
1.1The revolving openable hemispherical roof of an observatory.
Example sentences
  • A telescope is normally bolted to a vast concrete plinth around which the observatory dome can rotate without touching it, and the instrument isolated from tremors.
  • Astronomical observatories use Archimedean domes to cover their telescopes.
  • An absolute silence reigned in the observatory dome.
1.2 [in names] North American A sports stadium with a domed roof.
Example sentences
  • Countless rug burns and torn knee ligaments later, they tried to make amends by vacating the dome for a retro stadium.
  • While more risky, yes, this was a kid with a ceiling that no Major League dome could hold.
  • Of course, the game will be in a dome but that just covers game night.
2A thing shaped like a dome, in particular:
Example sentences
  • I roared and ran full speed into the dome shaped room.
  • It had a dome shaped head with three eyes, each glowing softly.
  • The three dome shaped anti-matter reactors were visible at the back of the room though a radiation resistant window.
2.1A natural vault or canopy, such as that of the sky or trees: the dome of the sky
More example sentences
  • The navy sky forms a dome above and the tree sway slightly in the breeze, a living barrier against the horizon.
  • He represents her seated on a state throne whose canopy simulates the dome of the sky while at her feet, two lions rest on guard.
  • She looked up and noticed that the tree branches formed a dome, open at the top.
2.2 Geology A rounded uplifted landform or underground structure.
Example sentences
  • The late-stage lava coulees and domes are most evolved.
  • In the north Gjallar Ridge, fault patterns above the dome suggest activity before Paleocene time.
  • The youngest domes of Taapaca Volcanic Complex crop out on its eastern and southern borders.
2.3 informal The top of the head: her Mohican projected from her shaved dome
More example sentences
  • He ran his hands over the smooth dome of his head and checked the line and cut of his suit.
  • Shaving your dome only takes a few minutes and you don't need to do it every day (two to three times a week is sufficient).
  • And it is this shape of his dome combined with his height that gives him the majestic aura.
3 literary A stately building.
Example sentences
  • The difference is that millions of peons didn't have to go blind or stooped financing Caesars, or the MGM Grand, or Wynn's stately pleasure domes.
  • They adjoin the Alhambra Palace, those stately pleasure domes that the Nasrid caliphs decreed should represent paradise on earth.
  • We went through the revolving door and found ourselves in a stately pleasure dome.


[no object] (often as noun doming)
(Of stratified rock or a surface) become rounded in formation; swell.
Example sentences
  • In this model, doming over the mantle plume would lead to extension and generation of small rift grabens.
  • During these ash-flow eruptions, doming in the Silverton and Lake City areas was accomplished through faulting, leaving a series of partially overlapping structural features that resulted from different eruptions.
  • There is no evidence of any previous doming, and the fault geometry indicates that the rift formed as a result of horizontal extension perpendicular to the rift axis.



Example sentences
  • It sits in a specially constructed dome-like room, where the treatment starts by filling the dome with aroma-enriched steam and ends by showering you with warm rain.
  • Now on TV, it looks like it's filmed in a giant dome-like arena, but in real life it's fairly small and poxy-looking.
  • Human-type figures could be seen inside the glass dome-like structure.


Early 16th century (in sense 3 of the noun): from Latin domus; other senses are via French dôme, from Italian duomo 'cathedral, dome'.

  • Latin domus ‘house’ entered English directly as dome in the 16th century in the sense ‘a stately building’; it also passed through Italian duomo and French dôme to enter English for a second time as dome ‘a rounded vault’ in the mid 17th century. Domus is also found in domestic (Late Middle English) ‘relating to the house’ and in domicile (Late Middle English) ‘home’.

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