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eject Line breaks: eject
Pronunciation: /ɪˈdʒɛkt/

Definition of eject in English:


[with object]
1Force or throw (something) out in a violent or sudden way: lumps of viscous lava were ejected from the volcano
More example sentences
  • ‘The driver and a backseat passenger of the car were not thought to be wearing seatbelts, and one of the occupants was ejected from the vehicle,’.
  • He said: ‘As the plane taxied along the remotest part of the runway, the six suitcases were ejected from the hatch in the belly of the aeroplane on to the tarmac.’
  • When an obnoxious youth was vigorously ejected from the swing doors of the saloon to sprawl in the snow, the scene was complete.
1.1Cause (something) to be expelled from a machine: he ejected the spent cartridge
More example sentences
  • When installation is complete, the machine will eject the CD.
  • This ejects the spent cartridges, permitting new rounds to be inserted.
  • Spent casings were ejected cleanly and unmarred.
1.2 [no object] (Of a pilot) escape from an aircraft by being explosively propelled out of it: he put the plane in a nosedive and ejected
More example sentences
  • The pilot ejected safely from the aircraft and was recovered by coalition ground forces near the airport.
  • Thankfully both the pilot and the navigator ejected safely.
  • The plane apparently developed engine trouble shortly after take-off and the pilot and co-pilot ejected safely from the plane.
bail out, escape, leave the aircraft, get out, parachute to safety
2Compel (someone) to leave a place: angry supporters were forcibly ejected from the court
More example sentences
  • She had been at the concert as well but had arrived late and saw Mr Kennedy for only 10 minutes before he was ejected from the theatre.
  • It goes without saying if we are ejected from the site alternative premises would have to be found in the area.
  • He sustained a broken cheek bone after he was forcibly ejected from the establishment.
2.1Dismiss (someone) from office: he was ejected from office in July
More example sentences
  • The president was forcibly ejected from his office March 24th, when protesters stormed the presidential building.
  • Furthermore, if the economy continues to falter, it is still possible that the president will be ejected from office in next year's elections.
  • As well as scrapping the ancient office of Lord Chancellor, the Bill ejects the law lords from the upper chamber and establishes a Judicial Appointments Commission.
dismiss, remove, discharge, oust, expel, deprive of office, get rid of, throw out, turn out, fling out, force out, drive out;
let someone go, give notice to, lay off, make/declare redundant;
Military cashier
North American informal give someone the bum's rush
3Emit; give off: plants utilize carbon dioxide in the atmosphere that animals eject
More example sentences
  • An electron would be ejected because one of these quanta had collided with it and given up all its energy.
  • Circularly polarized x rays preferentially eject electrons from atoms magnetically aligned with the polarization axis.
  • Beta ‘rays’ are actually electrons ejected from decaying neutrons, and are now more often referred to as Beta emission or Beta particles.


Late Middle English: from Latin eject- 'thrown out', from the verb eicere, from e- (variant of ex-) 'out' + jacere 'to throw'.

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