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emasculate Line breaks: emas¦cu|late
Pronunciation: /ɪˈmaskjʊleɪt/

Definition of emasculate in English:


[with object]
1 (usually as adjective emasculated) Deprive (a man) of his male role or identity: he feels emasculated, because he cannot control his sons' behaviour
More example sentences
  • Years of psychological terrorisation have rendered them utterly incapable of deceit, and they gradually spend their existence in isolation, in garden sheds, fishing boats or in the company of other emasculated men.
  • The potential muggers and robbers, emasculated by being deprived of the macho symbol, which they have used as a substitute for courage, will be less active or less violent in their actions.
  • And Andrea Yates' pastor could have told us that any man emasculated by job loss and a demanding spouse would stray from his marriage bed.
1.1 archaic Castrate (a man or male animal).
Example sentences
  • I eventually won, because I accidentally almost emasculated Justin and Quinn was laughing too hard to get the remote back from me.
castrate, neuter, geld, cut, desex, asexualize, sterilize, remove the testicles of;
North American & Australian alter
informal doctor, fix
rare evirate, caponize, eunuchize
1.2 Botany Remove the anthers from (a flower).
Example sentences
  • Flowers were emasculated by removing the anther tube with fine forceps.
  • Day-old flowers emasculated in the greenhouse experiment occasionally produced a fruit, indicating that the germination of self-pollen begins the day a flower opens.
  • On each individual, three flowers were emasculated before anthesis and isolated using silk bags, while the fourth was taken as the pollen donor.
2Make (someone or something) weaker or less effective: the refusal to allow them to testify effectively emasculated the committee
More example sentences
  • It is the fact that even sooner, midterm congressional elections can have the effect of emasculating their legislative programs.
  • This emotional blackmail has the effect of emasculating the Left.
  • Byrd's fear is that such an action would deny Democrats any say in the selection of federal judges in much the same way the Enabling Act empowered Hitler's Nazi Party to emasculate its opponents in Germany's legislature.
weaken, make feeble/feebler, debilitate, enfeeble, enervate, dilute, erode, undermine, impoverish, cripple, reduce the powers of;
remove the sting from, pull the teeth of
informal water down


Early 17th century: from Latin emasculat- 'castrated', from the verb emasculare, from e- (variant of ex-, expressing a change of state) + masculus 'male'.



Pronunciation: /ɪmaskjʊˈleɪʃ(ə)n/
Example sentences
  • That is why Germany encouraged its ally to take action against the Serbs in 1914, because a failure to take action would mean further emasculation of the Hapsburg Empire, rendering the Germans even more vulnerable.
  • How is one to explain Europe's obsession with the United Nations on the one hand, and its emasculation of the principles on which that organization was founded?
  • Either way, I'd had enough of witnessing the destruction of my working class heritage, watching it being stripped of its dignity and worst of all, colluding in its own emasculation.


Example sentences
  • Some thought we were angry emasculators who were too concerned with images and not at all concerned with bone marrow.
  • The double-crush emasculators crush the cord followed by a sharp cut reducing post-op bleeding and infection.
  • The use of emasculators simplifies the procedure and is definitely recommended to help reduce bleeding when castrating older calves (5-6 months).


Pronunciation: /ɪˈmaskjʊlət(ə)ri/
Example sentences
  • Especially fresh in memory is the disgruntled-looking young woman who, over and over again on television, ground out the emasculatory line: ‘No, not little Johnny Howard.’
  • Most feminists aren't particularly keen on emasculatory rituals (Valerie Solanas's tragic ‘Society for Cutting Up Men’ (SCUM!) notwithstanding).
  • Fight Club is two films in one - Film A is about the awfulness of materialist consumer society and its emasculatory effects, and Film B is about the awfulness of fascism.

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