Definition of endogenous in English:

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Pronunciation: /ɛnˈdɒdʒɪnəs/


1Having an internal cause or origin: the expected rate of infection is endogenous to the system Often contrasted with exogenous.
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  • But the long-term goal is to create the basis for internal development and endogenous growth.
  • The endogenous variables in the system are attendance and price.
  • Wheat price is clearly an endogenous player in the system, particularly at midterm and longer-term horizons.
1.1 Biology Growing or originating from within an organism: endogenous gene sequences
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  • All endogenous genes contain promoter sequences that determine where and when they will be expressed in an organism.
  • We realize that complete prevention of cross-transmission could have changed our findings, but the majority of cases of acquisition still were considered to be from endogenous origin.
  • The vast majority of mutations in human tissues are certainly of endogenous origin.
1.2chiefly Psychiatry (Of a disease or symptom) not attributable to any external or environmental factor: endogenous depression
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  • They are the main pathogenic factors of endogenous diseases.
  • It appears that these medicines are not effective in combating symptoms of endogenous depression, which is more responsive to antidepressants.
  • If the doctor fails to recognize the difference between these two and attempts to purge an endogenous disease, the deficiency will become more deficient.
1.3Confined within a group or society.
Example sentences
  • For example, the taste for discrimination may be endogenous to a particular society and consequently relatively impervious to competition.
  • This process is mediated by endogenous factors, so forcing teenagers to bed early, or getting them up early in the morning, is contrary to their natural biological clock.
  • However, characteristics of classrooms and factors endogenous to them still carry great sway over students' decisions to rebel.



Pronunciation: /ˌɛndə(ʊ)ˈdʒɛnɪsɪs/


Example sentences
  • Economic freedom is based on endogenously managed development rather than exogenously controlled development.
  • Because these compounds are not produced endogenously, they must be introduced by means of the diet or intravenous infusion.
  • The shoot or first leaf initiates endogenously within an area of the root.


Pronunciation: /ɛnˈdɒdʒɪni/

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