Definition of equivalent in English:

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Pronunciation: /ɪˈkwɪv(ə)l(ə)nt/


1Equal in value, amount, function, meaning, etc. one unit is equivalent to one glass of wine
More example sentences
  • But hang on to the receipt in case you want to exchange it for something of equivalent value in case you don't need that day or you've had it before.
  • Farmers are now expecting prices to lift by an equivalent amount.
  • We will panic about being unable to afford to replace the boiler and then, on impulse, book a weekend in Ibiza that costs the equivalent amount.
equal, identical;
similar, parallel, analogous, comparable, corresponding, correspondent, interchangeable;
like, commensurate with, the same as, synonymous with, much the same as;
amounting, tantamount, approximate, near, close;
of a kind, of a piece
rare coequal
1.1 (equivalent to) Having the same or a similar effect as: some regulations are equivalent to censorship
More example sentences
  • Additionally, the effect of watching fish was determined to be equivalent to the effect of hypnosis.
  • The effect is equivalent to always rejecting the face-up card that is passed to you.
  • Aids currently causes deaths equivalent to the Holocaust every two years.
1.2 Mathematics Belonging to the same equivalence class.
Example sentences
  • 1 is equivalent to 16, because both have remainder 1 when you divide by three, but 2 is NOT equivalent to 7 because 2 has remainder 2, but 7 has remainder 1.
  • A is equivalent to A for all A in the set of upper case Latin characters.


1A person or thing that is equal to or corresponds with another in value, amount, function, meaning, etc. the French equivalent of the Bank of England
More example sentences
  • This amount is the equivalent today to about $750, but in terms of rupees it is not an insignificant sum.
  • Money, the means of expression of value as a symbolic equivalent, is comparable, Marx said, to language.
  • Marias opens the piece by talking about how some phrases just don't have a similar equivalent in other languages.
counterpart, parallel, alternative, match, complement, analogue, double, twin, opposite number;
equal, peer, rival;
rare coequal
2 (also equivalent weight) Chemistry The mass of a particular substance that can combine with or displace one gram of hydrogen or eight grams of oxygen, used in expressing combining powers, especially of elements.
Example sentences
  • The equivalent of a substance is the mass which supplies or consumes one mole of another substance in a reaction.
  • It is defined as the number of equivalents of solute per volume of solution in liters.
  • There go four equivalents of carbon monoxide into your blood cells, and there's only so long you can keep that up.



Example sentences
  • There is no equivalently left-wing analogue with any clout in the United States.
  • Yes, the two parties are equivalently malignant this way.
  • Not that all fantastic theories are equivalently nonsensical.


Late Middle English (describing persons who were equal in power or rank): via Old French from late Latin aequivalent- 'being of equal worth', from the verb aequivalere, from aequi- 'equally' + valere 'be worth'.

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