There are 2 main definitions of fake in English:

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fake 1

Pronunciation: /feɪk/


1Not genuine; imitation or counterfeit: she got on the plane with a fake passport a fake Cockney accent
More example sentences
  • In Japan, counterfeiters are circulating fake bills that cost more to make than their face value.
  • You don't have to bow to peer pressure and get fake designer handbag.
  • As a Christian, I accept as a basic premise of our faith that men are liars and many claims of levitation are fake.
counterfeit, forged, fraudulent, sham, imitation, false, bogus, spurious, pseudo;
worthless, invalid
informal phoney, dud
informal pretend, phoney, pseudo
1.1(Of a person) claiming to be something that one is not: a fake doctor
More example sentences
  • He cautioned people, particularly those from outside Hyderabad, to be wary of fake doctors claiming to administer the fish medicine.
  • It would be months before the doctor crossed paths with the fake lawyer Goldstein.
  • Just two weeks ago, Columbia got in trouble for manufacturing a fake movie critic, and now they have been caught manufacturing fake audience members.


1A thing that is not genuine; a forgery or sham: fakes of Old Masters
More example sentences
  • Most of us are aware that there are such things as fakes, forgeries, copies and reproductions.
  • In addition to finding counterfeits, fakes and forgeries, they also find individuals using artists' names to generate sales.
  • The obscenely high price of mahogany woods and precious metals prevented counterfeiters from producing fakes, the profit of such operations being next to nil.
1.1A person who falsely claims to be something: I felt sure that some of the nuns were fakes
More example sentences
  • Many thought that he was a fake, merely claiming to be the prince to gain power.
  • I am sad when I think of the original Santaji, they must have killed him or kidnapped him or hidden him somewhere and all of these fakes are going around claiming to be him.
  • She was immediately labelled a fake, but Lavigne never claimed to be a pop rebel - she was just an ordinary girl from Napanee, Ontario.


[with object]
1Forge or counterfeit (something): she faked her spouse’s signature
More example sentences
  • Designed when the Net was small, they allow spammers to cover their tracks by forging headers, faking domain names, and bouncing e-mails off servers across the globe.
  • Chinese counterfeiters, in one instance, have faked an American company's entire product line, right down to its Web site.
  • I'm tired of explaining myself, of being told I'm this, I'm that, faking a persona, assuming another name, another identity.
forge, counterfeit, falsify, sham, feign, mock up, copy, reproduce, replicate;
informal pirate
British informal fiddle (with)
1.1Pretend to feel or have (an emotion, illness, or injury): Rob faked suspicion, a jealous concern
More example sentences
  • It was always about pretending, and faking, and concealing feelings.
  • Turkey is outraged as a top player faces £1,000 fine for faking injury.
  • There are clearly ways in which the law could be tightened to prevent offenders, at least within Australia, from making a joke of the criminal justice system by faking or exaggerating illness.
feigned, faked, put-on, assumed, improvised, invented, affected, pseudo, insincere, unconvincing, artificial, imitation, mock, sham
informal phoney, pseud, pretend
British informal cod
1.2Make (an event) appear to happen: he faked his own death
More example sentences
  • Jim had faked his death by appearing to drown off the coast of Miami, knowing his death would be reported and that his wife would make a claim on his life assurance policy.
  • The second features how-to instructions for faking one's death using various roots & berries.
  • Only his death will be faked, and word will be sent that he died at the claws of a vicious sand dragon!
1.3 (fake someone out) North American informal Trick or deceive someone.
Example sentences
  • Then he opens his empty hand and smiles at me, and I say, ‘You faked me out!’
  • He may be able to fake you out to some extent, but there's no way he could know all the details.
  • He always had a habit of going down on one knee to block shots, so I thought I could fake him out of position.



Pronunciation: /ˈfeɪkə/
Example sentences
  • For years fakers and charlatans have cheated the gullible out of their money.
  • We get to live the life of someone with special powers; it is presented as just another occupation, although with a higher than normal quota of charlatans and fakers.
  • Some fakers are compulsive liars who convince themselves of the truth of their own stories.


Pronunciation: /ˈfeɪkəri/
Example sentences
  • When you take your laptop to the neighborhood coffee shop you can't help but feeling like a wretched poseur because the very act of taking a laptop to a coffee shop is completely redolent of conspicuous artiness and flat-out fakery.
  • It's a part of it and to deny that would have been fakery.
  • A young man and would-be dancer who comes to New York from small-town Ohio and is bewildered by the city's intensity and fakery, and rediscovers his passion in a tragic act of self-destruction.


Late 18th century (originally slang): origin uncertain; perhaps ultimately related to German fegen 'sweep, thrash'. Compare with fig2.

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There are 2 main definitions of fake in English:

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fake 2

noun& verb

Variant spelling of flake4.


Late Middle English (as a verb): of unknown origin.

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