Definition of fleshy in English:

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Pronunciation: /ˈflɛʃi/

adjective (fleshier, fleshiest)

1(Of a person or part of the body) having a substantial amount of flesh; plump: her fleshy arms
More example sentences
  • What is it with these chubby, fleshy girls with the low-rise jeans and the thongs that stick all the way out when they play pool?
  • No, I cannot lay down with a hanger hooked on a zipper trying to mash my fleshy body into a dress too small for me.
  • Pisces inclines to shortness, with the body marked as fleshy, plump, and sensitive to swellings and water retention.
plump, chubby, portly, fat, fattish, obese, overweight, stout, corpulent, paunchy, beer-bellied, thickset, hefty, heavy, heavyset, burly, bulky, chunky, well padded, well covered, well upholstered, meaty, rotund, round, well rounded, of ample proportions, big, large
British informal podgy, fubsy
North American informal zaftig, corn-fed, lard-assed
Australian/New Zealand  nuggety
technical pyknic
rare squabby, pursy, abdominous
1.1(Of plant or fruit tissue) soft and thick: fleshy, greeny-grey leaves
More example sentences
  • This sponge comprises only a minor component of the diet of and is composed of soft, fleshy tissue.
  • Starapples are a soft fleshy fruit that have a stainy skin, they grow on a large tree and she was fond of them.
  • Branches and fleshy shrubs and ferns mesh all around the warriors to slow their movement.
2Resembling flesh in appearance or texture: normally, the tissue is fleshy pink
More example sentences
  • Weapon and enemy modeling is a joke as well, every creature and weapon seems to have this weird type of fleshy texture to it that I can't really describe too well.
  • The mucosa was thickened, white, and fleshy in appearance with a small area of superficial ulceration.
  • The head and neck were a rich pink and the beak was fleshy pink.



Pronunciation: /ˈflɛʃɪnəs/
Example sentences
  • In this case, the consequences include, but are not limited to, alarming rates of increased blood pressure, skyrocketing levels of high cholesterol and stunning reports of impromptu fleshiness among today's youth.
  • There is a titanic struggle going on as the fallen giant flexes the too apparent fleshiness of his albeit monumental body against the components of a technological world he cannot contain.
  • I found this picture a little creepy - Ganesh's very human fleshiness.

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