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Pronunciation: /flɔː/


1The lower surface of a room, on which one may walk: a wooden floor
More example sentences
  • Unable to relax, Ben walked silently across the floor to the window and peered outside.
  • Do not let anyone walk on the floor before the finish is applied, or dirt might be tracked on the wood.
  • Near the spare bedroom, he pulled a cord hanging from the ceiling and a staircase lowered to the floor.
ground, flooring
1.1The bottom of the sea, a cave, or an area of land: the ocean floor the valley floor
More example sentences
  • Of course we shouldn't cover the ocean with plastic or dredge the sea floor or cut down forests.
  • The water rooms look much like this one, only rounded and the pool's bottom is the ocean floor.
  • To the east, the Eden valley provides a fertile contrast, with abundant pasture land along the valley floor.
1.2 informal The ground: the best way to play is to pass the ball on the floor
1.3A minimum level of prices or wages: share prices have gone through the floor
More example sentences
  • Government sets price ceilings and floors, dictates wages through laws and labor courts, and confiscates profits.
  • We know what rules make a difference: the most important are strong wage floors and collective bargaining protections.
  • As with other protectionist schemes, it is really about taxing Americans and imposing price floors to benefit a politically influential industry.
2All the rooms or areas on the same level of a building; a storey: [as modifier, in combination]: a third-floor flat
More example sentences
  • Three or four bricks were removed from the façade at all sides of the building and at all floor levels.
  • The cubic knuckle of the fermentation building, with three floors of temperature controlled rooms, acts as a hinge point between them.
  • The remaining section of the patio was raised to the level of the interior floors and paved with stone, giving it the look of a true outdoor room.
storey, level, tier, deck;
piano nobile, mezzanine, entresol
3 (the floor) (In a legislative assembly) the part of the house in which members sit and from which they speak.
Example sentences
  • I do not need those Labour members to shout across the floor of the House and tell me what to do.
  • There is a point of order on the floor, and both members are interjecting.
  • It is good that the Government has brought this motion to the floor of the House.
3.1The right or opportunity to speak next in debate: other speakers have the floor
More example sentences
  • I will give one further warning about interrupting while a member has the floor correctly on points of order.
  • It is not a point of order, but I will ask the member who has the floor to come back to the bill, please.
3.2(In the Stock Exchange) the large central hall where trading takes place: [as modifier]: a floor trader
More example sentences
  • You know, more than half the people who are normally on the floor of the stock exchange were there.
  • Stock market trading via the exchange floor could not look any more chaotic.


[with object]
1Provide (a room or area) with a floor: a room floored in yellow wood (as adjective, in combination -floored) a stone-floored building
More example sentences
  • The interconnecting dining room is also floored in wood and retains its original cast-iron fireplace with tiled inset.
  • Two steps lead down to the kitchen, a bright room floored in quarry tiles and with polished wood presses providing plenty of storage.
  • On the ground floor, the entrance hall, living room and dining room are floored in French oak.
2 informal Knock (someone) to the ground, especially with a punch: the champion floored Close with an uppercut
More example sentences
  • Clay had been fortunate in two ways: the punch that floored him came at the very end of the round and near the ropes and the ropes cushioned his fall.
  • He showed plenty of endurance and came back into the fight until he was floored by a powerful punch to the ribs at the end of round eight.
  • One punch floored him and he began kicking him on the ground.
knock down, knock over, bring down, fell, rugby-tackle, prostrate;
catch off balance
informal lay out
2.1Baffle (someone) completely: that question floored him
More example sentences
  • I then quickly flipped through the paper until I found the article in question and was immediately floored by the shear magnitude of it.
  • I said nothing, completely floored by his question.
  • To tell the truth, I was completely floored with the whole story.
baffle, defeat, perplex, puzzle, nonplus, mystify, confound, bewilder, bemuse, dumbfound, confuse, discomfit, disconcert, throw
informal beat, flummox, discombobulate, faze, stump, fox, fog, make someone scratch their head, be all Greek to
North American informal buffalo
archaic wilder, gravel, maze, cause to be at a stand, pose
rare obfuscate



from the floor

(Of a speech or question) delivered by an individual member at a meeting, not by a representative on the platform: questions from the floor will be invited
More example sentences
  • Much interest was shown in the subject by members and many questions were asked from the floor.
  • A selection of your questions will be asked from the floor of the event in Derry.
  • The only sign of passion he showed on Wednesday was when he answered a question from the floor about fishing quotas.

take the floor

1Begin to dance on a dance floor.
Example sentences
  • Even before the acclaimed Irish dance company Riverdance takes the floor of the Shanghai Grand Stage, the principal dancers have already won over Shanghai audiences.
  • When the newlywed couple take the floor for their first dance, it will be to the strains of Bert's favourite song, the Rod Stewart classic, Maggie May.
  • He was a keen music lover and was a great fan of old time dancing and loved to take the floor at the many dances in St. Brigid's Hall over the years.
2Speak in a debate or assembly.
Example sentences
  • And that's when she took the floor, speaking in defence of women's rights until she was out of time and forced to stop.
  • Most of the right-wing and left-wing opposition MPs taking the floor during the debates voiced suspicions about the matter.
  • He takes the floor at a meeting of a rebel faction to speak decisively against certain Red Guards and end a stalemate.


Old English flōr, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch vloer and German Flur.

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