Definition of free-floating in English:

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1Not attached to anything and able to move freely: free-floating aquatic plants
More example sentences
  • While some consider giant salvinia to be an attractive aquatic plant, this free-floating fern is also an obnoxious invader that's sometimes referred to as ‘the world's worst water weed.’
  • Pistia, a free-floating aquatic plant, was used because it produces an abundance of Ca oxalate crystals and rapidly assimilates reagents provided in liquid growth media.
  • As the ancient Egyptians interpreted it, the cause of these abnormalities was the movement of the uterus, which they believed to be an autonomous, free-floating organism that could move upward from its normal pelvic position.
1.1Not assigned to a particular category or level: free-floating exchange rates
More example sentences
  • After the 1997 Asian financial crisis, the IMF recommended that Indonesia adopt a free-floating exchange rate system for its local forex market, in which the rupiah's exchange rate is determined solely by market supply and demand.
  • She pointed out that other currencies, including the US dollar, German mark and South Korean won, which implemented a free-floating exchange rate system were relatively stable.
  • I don't think there is much doubt that being an internationally used currency in a world of free-floating exchange rates gives you some (though pretty small) net gains.
2 Psychiatry (Of anxiety) chronic and generalized, without an obvious cause.
Example sentences
  • Tension headaches, dry mouth, pounding pulse, neck and back pain, free-floating anxiety, hives, indigestion, irritability and fatigue are all indicators of stress.
  • Like many pregnant women, she is distilling all of society's free-floating anxiety about exposure to toxic chemicals into nine months of serious worrying.
  • And the response to this was this kind of free-floating anxiety, where they didn't know what threatened them.



Example sentences
  • The lining free-floats inside the carbon nanotube with a 0.32 nanometer space all around it because that is as close as nature allows the water to the carbon.
  • This versatile AR-style rifle has a free-floated, fluted barrel and a 3 lb. trigger.
  • The gyroscope rotors, which will be secured to their housing during takeoff, will free-float once the satellite is in orbit, and will never touch their housing after they have reached their operational speed of 10,000 rpm.


Example sentences
  • In these regions, the stress of wave action makes life difficult for free-floaters; most organisms who live here attach themselves to the rocks.
  • Now, some astronomers claim that at least one of these objects may not be a free-floater after all.
  • The luminosities of these faint free-floaters overlap with those expected for recently formed giant planets.
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