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Line breaks: fu¦sion
Pronunciation: /ˈfjuːʒ(ə)n


[mass noun]
  • 1The process or result of joining two or more things together to form a single entity: the election results produced pressure for fusion of the parties [in singular]: the film showed a perfect fusion of image and sound
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    • It was one of those perfect & glorious fusions of youth, girl, car, music, road, sax, cigarettes, sunset and summer.
    • As in other sectors of the economy, companies active in food processing and retailing have sought to achieve global weight in a series of mergers and fusions.
    • As doo wop did earlier, there seems to be a sustained interest in continuing mergers and fusions today.
  • 1.1 Physics short for nuclear fusion. the centre of the Sun where fusion occurs [as modifier]: a fusion reactor
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    • They already get a lot of power from nuclear reactors and also are actively engaged in 4th generation nuclear reactor research and fusion reactor research.
    • Cold fusion is an attempt to get fusion to occur under less extreme conditions, possibly as a result of chemical reactions.
    • However, you must remember that an enormous amount of energy is required in order for these reactions to occur at all - that is why fusion is not yet a practical source of energy.
  • 1.2The process of causing a material or object to melt with intense heat so as to join with another: the fusion of resin and glass fibre in the moulding process
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    • The enthalpy change which occurs when a solid is melted is called the heat of fusion.
    • The fusion of silica, heat and glaze transforms the once implacable grey matter into an object d' art.
    • Even plastic is often recycled - so-called ‘plastic mechanics’ visit people's houses to repair broken plastics by the simple process of heat fusion.
  • 1.3Music that is a mixture of different styles, especially jazz and rock: jazz fusion
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    • On Chewing Glass And Other Miracle Cures, he's bringing the beats and scattered rhymes into the zone of spooky jazz fusion and hallucinogenic acid rock.
    • Miles Davis, one of the giants of jazz, was also at 1970s event providing a bewildering display of jazz funk and fusion music which left some hippies confused and some begging for more.
    • The spotlight is focused on jazz or Afro-Cuban fusion or Celtic dance music or rai.
  • 1.4 [as modifier] Referring to food or cooking which incorporates elements of both Eastern and Western cuisine: fusion cuisine
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    • Offered to patrons during the chefs' two-week residency, the fusion cuisine was meant to highlight food as an agent of cultural exchange.
    • Hawaii is a natural for this new-style fusion cuisine because local chefs grew up with nor agedashi, and other ingredients that remain exotic to many mainland chefs.
    • The Bistro serves continental fusion cuisine and recently scooped three prestigious food awards in two separate competitions run by the Panel of Chefs of Ireland.



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  • It is a question of the fusional quality between two bodies, or between the elements of a cluster of bodies - for example, in the sequence where the children and grandmother are asked to join the couple in bed.
  • They may have weak image fusional power (the ability of the nervous system to keep both eyes aligned) that breaks down when they are tired or ill, or drunk.
  • Therefore, the fusional limit is not absolute but corresponds to what has been called a disparity gradient.


mid 16th century: from Latin fusio(n-), from fundere 'pour, melt'.

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