There are 2 main definitions of gift in English:

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gift 1

Pronunciation: /ɡɪft/


1A thing given willingly to someone without payment; a present: wedding gifts
More example sentences
  • The couple decided to forego wedding presents and gifts totalling £900 were handed over to the hospital.
  • The toasts were made, the wedding gifts presented, and finally we dined.
  • I'll get you your final pay together as well as a bonus as a wedding gift, to help things along.
present, donation, offering, contribution, handout, presentation, bestowal, largesse, alms, charity, bonus, award, premium, bounty, boon, favour, bequest, legacy, inheritance, settlement, subsidy, grant, endowment, benefaction;
French pourboire
informal freebie, perk, prezzie, sweetener
formal perquisite
archaic conferment
1.1An act of giving something as a present: his mother’s gift of a pen
More example sentences
  • The theme behind the design is the gift of perfume for Mother's Day, but the execution is that of stylized glamour.
  • Aside from the gift of time, mothers like to feel pampered.
1.2 informal A very easy task or unmissable opportunity: that goal was an absolute gift
More example sentences
  • To be a Christian is always both a gift and a task.
  • For some, it's a gift - and the opportunity to recover while off from school or work.
  • These were good examples of him being handed the gift of an easy win.
2A natural ability or talent: he has a gift for comedy
More example sentences
  • Yet the core of Boyd's ability, the essence of his talent, is his gift for finishing.
  • Advertising folks who do this best have a natural gift for empathizing with the customers they hope to seduce.
  • She had a natural gift for it and has kept with it.


[with object]
1Give (something) as a gift, especially formally or as a donation or bequest: the company gifted 2,999 shares to a charity
More example sentences
  • For those who wish to gift a pen to the loved one, it has introduced a red roller ball-pen in an attractive package, with Valentine hearts printed all over.
  • Couples select a group of charities and each guest chooses to gift a donation to the charity of their choice.
  • Rather, the goods passing hands were priceless jewels and ornaments gifted by foreign rulers, and at stake was the reputation and future of the monarchy.
1.1Present (someone) with a gift or gifts: the queen gifted him with a heart-shaped brooch
More example sentences
  • It was the last bottle of the champagne we were gifted with for our reception.
  • We have no way of providing a new shelter unless someone or some organisation gifts us with a building.
  • You are fêted by kings and presidents when you win an Olympic medal; you are gifted with bungalows and cars.
present, give, bestow, confer, donate, contribute, endow, award, accord, grant;
pledge, vouchsafe, furnish, bequeath, hand over, turn over, make over, leave, will
1.2 (gift someone with) Endow with (something): man is gifted with a moral sense
More example sentences
  • You can teach somebody and school them to be an actor but to be a very good actor you must have stage presence and Des has been gifted with that.
  • He kept stoking the fire of his intellect and did a successful job of blending it with the artistic talent he has been gifted with to reach where he is today.
  • Hailing from a musical family has gifted him with an ear for sound.
1.3 informal Inadvertently allow (an opponent) to have something: [with two objects]: the goalkeeper gifted Liverpool their last-minute winner
More example sentences
  • A desperately poor pass from Jerry Collins gifted a try for them in the second quarter.
  • A poor pass went to ground gifting a try to centre Tony Waite with Grayshon adding his second conversion with the last kick of the match.
  • A goalkeeping error to gift a goal, a man dismissed, and a 2-1 defeat in their opening tie.



the gift of the gab

see gab.

the gift of tongues

see tongue.

in the gift of

(Of a Church living or official appointment) in the power of (someone) to award: nine seats in parliament were now in his gift
More example sentences
  • Labour delegates have it in their gift today to hold their leaders to account and uphold the cause of peace and self-determination.
  • It's something he has had to deal with but, then, it is in his gift to do so.
  • The row began when the church questioned whether the Queen had ever bestowed the highest honour in her gift, the Order of the Thistle, on a Catholic.

don't look a gift horse in the mouth

proverb Don’t find fault with something that you have discovered or been given.
Prospective purchasers would often inspect the condition of a horse's teeth
Example sentences
  • Ah well, don't look a gift horse in the mouth, right?
  • I doubt whether there are any famous people or people of high standing living in the community, so don't look a gift horse in the mouth and grab this golden opportunity while it is still there.



Example sentences
  • We also examined customers’ views of the giftable candy category and their desired relationship with a candy manufacturer.
  • Though a revamped marketing approach boosted giftable sales by 20 per cent in 2005, year-end results were disappointing.


Middle English: from Old Norse gipt; related to give.

  • A word related to give (Old English) and deriving from Old Norse gipt. Don't look a gift horse in the mouth is a proverb that goes back to the 16th century (in the form do not look a given horse in the mouth), but it can be found even earlier in a 5th-century Latin version in the writings of St Jerome. A common way of estimating a horse's age is to look at the state of its teeth, so if you were buying a horse you might want to have a good look into its mouth first. If someone gave you a horse as a present, it might seem ungrateful to start checking how old it was.

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There are 2 main definitions of gift in English:

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Pronunciation: /ɡɪft/


[mass noun] Medicine
Gamete intrafallopian transfer, a technique for assisting conception by introducing mixed ova and sperm into a fallopian tube.


1980s: acronym.

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