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Line breaks: globu|lar
Pronunciation: /ˈɡlɒbjʊlə


1Globe-shaped; spherical: plants with distinctive globular blooms
More example sentences
  • These have expanding necks and bulbous to globular bodies.
  • Both have a globular or bulbous bell and the reed is placed on a curved or angled crook.
  • The bottle has a direct neck and a globular body and an evened and rounded lip.
spherical, round, globe-shaped, ball-shaped, orb-shaped, rounded, bulbous, bulb-shaped
rare spheroid, spheroidal, spheric, globate, globose, globoid, orbicular, orbiculate
2Composed of globules.
More example sentences
  • The small differences among various amino acids are diminished further by averaging over the rather similar compositions of globular proteins.
  • First, the titin molecule is composed of a discrete number of globular domains and a nonglobular segment.
  • As some of the water was removed, tiny globular islands, or ‘micelles’ of solid material formed in the solution.


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short for globular cluster.
More example sentences
  • The Milky Way has about 100 globular clusters, whereas giant elliptical galaxies are surrounded by thousands of globulars.
  • If globulars have black holes now, then globulars most likely had black holes when they originally formed.
  • What is clear is that these clusters, like the globulars, are ancient.



More example sentences
  • The index encodes information about the cyclicity of a molecule where long, straight chain molecules have the highest values and the value decreases with increases in globularity and cyclicity.
  • Combined treatment has the added bonus of smaller particle size, more globularity, and lesser surface tension.
  • An additional result from the prediction of solvent accessibility is that of protein globularity.

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