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Pronunciation: /ˈɡluːmi

adjective (gloomier, gloomiest)

1Dark or poorly lit, especially so as to appear depressing or frightening: a gloomy corridor badly lit by oil lamps
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  • The limo windows were tinted, making it appear dark and gloomy outside.
  • She thought of Mae to grant her some more confidence, as she approached the last door in the dark and gloomy corridor.
  • The supernatural thriller takes place in the gloomy, dark dismal backwoods outside New Orleans.
2Causing or feeling depression or despondency: gloomy forecasts about the economy
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  • It cast a gloomy atmosphere around the station, which did not enhance her mood.
  • Yet fewer still are - in private - able to hide their sense of gloomy despondency.
  • So it is with the man himself: an essential sweetness of nature pickled in a brine of gloomy despondency.



More example sentences
  • And once it had become clear that her every question about my school would be answered gloomily, she stopped asking.
  • Publishers mutter gloomily that while there are a huge number of children's books out there, there hasn't actually been a rise in the number of authors selling books.
  • So how disappointing, how gloomily predictable, that the proposed new footbridge is being greeted with the usual grumbling hostility.


More example sentences
  • It's easy to make a movie that looks dark without having any darkness to it, but this is a film with a core gloominess and sadness and danger that feels real.
  • These past days I had felt fine - despite the gloominess and pessimism - and hadn't felt sorry for anyone but myself.
  • Aerobic exercise can ease the gloominess of depression and the tension associated with anxiety.

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