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Pronunciation: /gruːp


[treated as singular or plural]
  • 1A number of people or things that are located, gathered, or classed together: a group of boys approached the bulbs should be planted in groups
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    • He also feared for the safety of other pupils when the boy ran towards a group leaving the class, on May 17 last year.
    • The sheets would be cut to approximate size, then they would be gathered into groups of three or four, folded in half and trimmed to the correct size.
    • The extent of this clustering was similar in all four social class groups.
    category, class, classification, grouping, set, lot, batch, bracket, type, sort, kind, variety, family, species, genus, breed, style; grade, grading, rank, statuscrowd, band, company, party, body, gathering, congregation, assembly, collection, cluster, flock, pack, troop, gang, batch
    informal bunch
  • 1.1A number of people that work together or share certain beliefs: I now belong to my local drama group
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    • Money left over is to go towards a new parish council noticeboard and the remainder will be shared among local groups.
    • We need to form a progressive coalition that includes the religious groups sharing our morality.
    • Both groups come together to share workshops, intensive training and performances.
    faction, division, section, clique, coterie, circle, set, ring, camp, bloc, caucus, cabal, junta, fringe movement, splinter group, minority group
  • 1.2A commercial organization consisting of several companies under common ownership: the largest newspaper group in the UK
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    • We start with a joint session between the contracts and commercial law groups.
    • Commercial groups or individuals will continue to pay for the use of the facility as before.
    • Many official bodies and commercial groups regard stickers and pasted posters as closely related to graffiti.
  • 1.3A number of musicians who play popular music together: I’ve always been a fan of the guitarists in the group
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    • Rock'n'roll groups appeared on bills along with trad groups and pop singers - even some modern jazz made it into the charts.
    • Robert is joined by Vincent Courtois on cello and Cyril Atef on drums in a chamber jazz group of the highest order.
    • It is yet another landmark in the career of one of soul music's greatest groups.
  • 1.4 Military A division of an air force, usually consisting of two or more stations.
  • 2 Chemistry A set of elements occupying a column in the periodic table and having broadly similar properties arising from their similar electronic structure.
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    • Ramsay realized that argon and helium might be members of a hitherto unsuspected new group in the Periodic Table.
  • 2.1A combination of atoms having a recognizable identity in a number of compounds: a methyl group
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    • Solitary lines are from the fatty acid terminal methyl groups, triglyceride backbone carbons, and carboxyl carbons.
    • Glycerol is a polyhydroxy alcohol containing three carbon atoms and three hydroxyl groups.
    • This messenger in turn activates a so-called kinase, an enzyme that attaches phosphate groups to other proteins.
  • 3 Mathematics A set of elements, together with an associative binary operation, which contains an inverse for each element and an identity element.
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    • Netto made major steps towards abstract group theory when he combined permutation group results and groups in number theory.
    • One of the areas which his work took him into was infinite permutation groups.
    • He was the first to give a proof that the Galois group is closed under multiplication.
  • 4 Linguistics (In systemic grammar) a level of structure between clause and word, broadly corresponding to phrase in other grammars.
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    • An acronym is a word group created in a similar way to an initialism but which is pronounced as a word.
    • You will be sure to find, in almost every line of print, at least one group of words that has an idiomatic feel to it.
    • The conventional belief is that speech is made up of individual words, whereas we really speak groups of words.


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  • Up to 70 jobs in Orkney, Shetland and Aberdeen have been secured following the announcement that the management buy-out team have been successful in acquiring the haulage and groupage operations.
  • It's a service that's probably at the wrong time for groupage consignments because they are still taking loads and collecting their deliveries up to four in the afternoon, which have to be consolidated into a load and then taken to a ferry.


late 17th century: from French groupe, from Italian gruppo, of Germanic origin; related to crop.

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