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hang around (or round or British about)

Definition of hang around or round or British about in English:

1Loiter; wait around: undercover officers spent most of their time hanging around bars
More example sentences
  • So you don't believe in hanging around waiting for something big to come your way?
  • Some bored looking folks were hanging about as if waiting for a protest to happen.
  • I hang around, waiting for other parents or teachers to clear up the story for me.
loiter in, linger in, wait around in, spend time in, loaf (around/about) in, lounge (around/about) in;
waste time, kill time, mark time, while away the/one's time, dally;
frequent, be a regular visitor to, be a regular client of, haunt
informal hang out in
1.1 informal Wait: [in imperative]: hang about, you see what it says here?
More example sentences
  • Hang about. Didn't you used to play American football?
  • Hang about - this isn't going to work - better quit while we're only a bit behind.
  • Hang about a second - the reason why the price of CDs has fallen so sharply between 1983 and 1996 isn't because a generous recording industry started price cutting in the consumers interest.
wait, hold on, wait a minute
informal hang on, hold your horses
2 (hang around with) Associate with (someone): I hung around with the thugs
More example sentences
  • We're very pleased the police caught somebody and the fact that he went to court will make an example of him to the people he hangs around with.
  • The guy hangs around with very shady characters everywhere he goes.
  • She's been very canny about who she's been hanging around with and where she's been over the past few months.
North American  rub elbows
informal hang out, run around, knock about/around, be thick, hobnob
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