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hang out

1(Of washing) hang from a clothes line to dry: the inhabitants fled with such haste that their washing is still hanging out
More example sentences
  • Clean clothes were hanging out on washing lines in the gardens of houses.
  • They all provide shade, permit natural ventilation, and conceal air conditioning and washing hung out to dry.
  • I caught glimpses of the atriums those passageways opened onto, often with gardens, maybe statues, washing hanging out to dry.
2Protrude and hang loosely downwards: chaps in jeans with their shirts hanging out
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  • He wore a light grey shirt, loosely hanging out and a pair of dark denim jeans.
  • He stood there, shirt hanging out, one hand holding a fag, the other sweeping the air as he described the fall of each wicket.
  • One day, it got stuck to my back and was hanging out the top of my pants.
2.1 (hang out of) Lean out of: he was found after the collision hanging out of the defendant’s car
More example sentences
  • Scores of office workers hung out of windows to catch a glimpse of the Prime Minister as he arrived.
  • Soldiers with automatic rifles hung out of the windows waving us angrily aside.
  • Cathy hangs out of one of the car's blackened windows and waves graciously.
3 informal Spend time relaxing or enjoying oneself: musicians hang out with their own kind
More example sentences
  • We're going spend two days just relaxing and hanging out in quiet and privacy.
  • Then again, what you really should be doing is hanging out outside and enjoying the weather.
  • With the Easter holidays just underway, school children are looking forward to two weeks of late morning lie-ins and afternoons spent hanging out with their friends.
associate, mix, go around, keep company, spend time, mingle, socialize, fraternize, consort, rub shoulders; North Americanrub elbows
British informal hang about
4Australian/NZ Resist or survive in difficult circumstances; hold out.
More example sentences
  • Okay, I’ll hang it out for a while but if this goes on much longer I’m out of here
  • If you love him and he treats you right when your together, hang it out a bit longer.
4.1 (hang out for) Desire strongly; crave.
More example sentences
  • But that's small change compared to former CEO Paul Batchelor, who's rumoured to be hanging out for $20 million.
  • There's an invitation I've been hanging out for.
  • No, it's the post-operative recovery that I'm hanging out for.
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