Definition of hike in English:

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Pronunciation: /hʌɪk/


1A long walk or walking tour: a five-mile hike across rough terrain
More example sentences
  • These include a family of 40 sponsored walks which range from 10 km hikes to shorter strolls, suitable for everyone.
  • Find sightseeing tours that include walking tours and hikes through national parks.
  • Tomorrow is supposed to be either a hike, a walk, or a stroll, depending on hangover levels.
walk, trek, tramp, trudge, traipse, slog, footslog, plod, march, journey on foot;
ramble, wander, stroll
British informal yomp
archaic peregrination, perambulation
1.1 informal A long distance: it’s such a hike from Adelaide to Perth
2A sharp increase, especially in price or cost: fears of a hike in interest rates
More example sentences
  • That means the economy has expanded by 2.7%, but it is all due to inflation, and a hike in the cost of goods and services.
  • The project hit a road block soon after the Assembly elections, when the contractor stopped the work, demanding a hike in the project cost.
  • BDA terminated the contract as the contractor failed to meet deadlines, besides demanding a hike in the estimated cost.


1 [no object, with adverbial of direction] Walk for a long distance, especially across country: they hiked across the moors (as noun hiking) she enjoys hiking and climbing in her spare time
More example sentences
  • Both couples began to hike retracing the path that the van had traveled.
  • Activities as diverse as gymnastics, football, hiking, and skateboarding provide plenty of opportunities.
  • La Paz Waterfall Gardens offers visitors the choice of four hiking trails that wind around five waterfalls and through a tropical forest.
walk, go on foot, trek, tramp, trudge, traipse, slog, footslog, plod, march;
ramble, wander, stroll
informal hoof it, leg it, take Shanks's pony
British informal yomp, trog
rare peregrinate, perambulate
2 [with object] Pull or lift up (something, especially clothing): Roy hiked up his trousers to reveal his socks
More example sentences
  • Her flowing skirt was hiked up in back with just a hint of a bustle.
  • Her skirt was hiked up so far most of her underwear was visible, and her shirt was half torn.
  • I could just tell her skirt was hiked up a little too far.
hitch up, pull up, jerk up, lift, raise, hoist
informal yank up
2.1Increase (something, especially a price) sharply: the government hiked up the price of milk by 40 per cent
More example sentences
  • As long as ticket prices are not hiked up to support a ridiculous pay structure of players then I am happy.
  • Tax increases hiked the prices of tobacco and some luxury goods.
  • So while hiking the cover price may increase subscription revenue, it may well do so to the overall financial detriment of the paper.
increase, raise, up, put up, mark up, push up, make higher, inflate
informal jack up, bump up
dated advance


take a hike

[usually in imperative] informal, chiefly North American Go away (used as an expression of irritation or annoyance).
Example sentences
  • At the end of its first season, Carmel had a salary dispute with Señor Arnaz and took a hike - or at least, that was the official story.
  • I wanna tell her to take a hike, Jack, like that guy told my dad when we went to Canada that one summer.
  • What are we waiting for to tell the bankers to take a hike and become financially autonomous?
go away, get out, leave;
be off with you!, shoo!, make yourself scarce!, on your way!
informal beat it, push off, clear off, clear out, shove off, scram, scoot, skedaddle, buzz off
British informal hop it, sling your hook
Australian/New Zealand informal rack off
North American informal bug off
South African informal voetsak, hamba
vulgar slang piss off, bugger off
archaic begone


Early 19th century (originally dialect, as a verb): of unknown origin.

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