Definition of hill in English:

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Pronunciation: /hɪl/


1A naturally raised area of land, not as high or craggy as a mountain.
Example sentences
  • The instructions were to design a simple landscape sketch using a minimum of five to six land forms - hills, mountains, lakes and so on.
  • Forests, meadow land, rolling hills and mountains, all populated with small villages, are on the menu.
  • The tribes, rightly, are required to show their connections with various rivers, mountains, hills, and land sites.
high ground, rising ground, prominence, eminence, elevation, rise, hillock, mound, mount, knoll, hummock, tor, tump, fell, pike, mesa;
bank, ridge, hogback, saddleback, whaleback;
(hills) heights, downs, downland, foothills;
Geology  drumlin, inselberg, monadnock;
British  wold;
Scottish & Irish  drum;
Scottish  brae
North American or technical butte
South African  koppie, berg;
in North Africa & the Middle East jebel
archaic holt
1.1A sloping stretch of road: they were climbing a steep hill in low gear
More example sentences
  • The course has steep hills, and the roads sweep wide, then narrow to cobblestones.
  • A tricky road, on a hill where the cars, as they coast down, can't help but nudge over 30.
  • The customer also added that the car seemed to run strange whenever she was descending a hill or steep grade.
slope, rise, drop, incline, gradient, elevation, acclivity, declivity, ascent, descent, eminence, hillside, hillock, sloping ground, rising ground
1.2A heap or mound of something: a hill of sliding shingle
More example sentences
  • The couscous plate is a hill of semoule with carrots, chickpeas, a potato, two merguez and savoury broth.
  • It is a position that has long been no more than a hill of rhetorical dung.
  • Dip in to any part of the page and it's like lifting a rock off a hill of sleaze.
heap, pile, stack, mass, mound, mountain, quantity, load;
Scottish , Irish , & Northern English  rickle;
Scottish  bing
rare amassment
2 rare A flock of ruffs: a hill of ruffs looked at from a distance on a sunny day was a very pleasing spectacle
More example sentences
  • Should anyone wish to ascertain what a hill of ruffs is like, they should inspect the beautiful case of these birds placed in the Natural History Museum.
  • As soon as the Harriers began to work over this hill of ruffs, they disappeared.
  • The net may be suddenly pulled over, so as to fold up the whole hill of ruffs that may be assembled together.


[with object]
1Form (something) into a heap.
1.1Bank up (a plant) with soil: if frost threatens our new plants, we hill them up
More example sentences
  • Soil hilled up around the corn plant as it grows stimulates further axillary root formation.
  • An alternative to this is hilling up the stem with more soil when it is 10-12 inches tall.
  • The process is known as hilling and is done just before the ground is likely to freeze solid.



a hill of beans

[with negative] North American informal A thing of little value: the problems of one old actor don’t amount to a hill of beans
More example sentences
  • So for those patients and for their families and loved ones, I think this is a hill of bean.
  • The problem at the Norfolk, Va., storage facility wasn't just a hill of beans.
  • I'll write stuff or get on talk shows in front of millions and sneak in a few quips to try and entertain as well, but that really is a hill of beans.

over the hill

informal Old and past one’s best: a once famous ballerina, now over the hill
More example sentences
  • In the movie, Rocky will be a lonely, over the hill and impoverished loser, unloved by everyone and a shadow of his former mighty self.
  • I had my second child at 39 and that really was considered over the hill.
  • Of course she is completely over the hill and everyone knows it.
past one's prime, not as young as one was, not as young as one used to be;
in one's dotage, long in the tooth, as old as the hills;
elderly, old, aged, senior, ancient, venerable;
decrepit, doddering, doddery, not long for this world
informal past it, no spring chicken
formal senescent


Old English hyll, of Germanic origin; from an Indo-European root shared by Latin collis and Greek kolōnos 'hill'.

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