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Line breaks: hom¦olo|gous
Pronunciation: /hɒˈmɒləgəs


  • 1Having the same relation, relative position, or structure.
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    • The Portuguese Society of Plant Physiology, in collaboration with the Spanish homologous society, is organizing the 9th Luso-Spanish Plant Physiology Congress and the 16th Meeting of the Spanish Society of Plant Physiology.
    • In certain primal traditions, the maze or labyrinth played a homologous role to that of the sacred wilderness area - in fact, the two may have been indistinguishable.
    • The effort, in part, is to determine whether academic institutions are homologous with organizations in other fields.
  • 1.1 Biology (Of organs) similar in position, structure, and evolutionary origin but not necessarily in function: a seal’s flipper is homologous with the human arm Often contrasted with analogous.
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    • Structures normally found at the nonmutant leaf edge are absent from the affected region of the mutant leaf and leaf homologous organs.
    • Adaptationist arguments are essential because they suggest the function of homologous and analogous physiological structures.
    • The swim bladder is homologous to the lungs of tetrapods.
  • 1.2 Biology (Of chromosomes) pairing at meiosis and having the same structural features and pattern of genes.
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    • Pairing is an essential step in organizing and properly distributing homologous chromosomes during meiosis.
    • During prophase I of meiosis, homologous chromosomes align, synapse, and cross over.
    • Crossing over ensures segregation of homologous chromosomes in meiosis I.
  • 1.3 Chemistry (Of a series of chemical compounds) having the same functional group but differing in composition by a fixed group of atoms.
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    • Because of these regularities, the members of each group are known as a homologous series.
    • Chemically they are classed as alcohols, which are representative of a homologous series.
    • Moreover, the level of amino acid sequence divergence between homologous proteins is relatively low, allowing us to gauge the patterns of amino acid substitution.



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  • Yogic meditation allowed Vedic sages to see in their minds' eyes, the likenesses, homologies and equivalences between the cosmic, the terrestrial and the spiritual.
  • Actually, the argument is not contradicted by convergences, and the reason the argument is not contradicted is that scientists have reasonable methods for distinguishing between analogies and homologies.
  • The natural emphasis on discovering commonalities, homologies and analogies that simplify has distracted us from the main result of evolution, which is to create differences.


mid 17th century: via medieval Latin from Greek homologos 'agreeing, consistent', from homos 'same' + logos 'ratio, proportion'.

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